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  1. I'm using everyday minerals sold via website. I'm currently using their IT foundation. It's not a full coverage but has very few ingredients. Well priced and many color options. Lots of luck!!
  2. I totally agree!! I've just recently come to the realization that I've been putting to much stuff on my face and have simplified my routine. CeraVe foaming facial wash, buzz on acne and at night I use East African shea butter to moisturize. My face has drastically improved. I use the buzz stuff because I'm afraid to not use something but wanted something without a cream/gel base. After all these years of using products I can't seem to pull myself away completely but it's a beginning!!
  3. I've been using East African nicolita shea butter with great success. Read up on the butter full of great vitamins A, E, etc. and won't clog pores!!
  4. 36 years old 28 years with acne
  5. Hi everyone!! Long time lurker first time poster!! I'm 36 years old and mother to 18 month little girl. I've had acne for as long as I can remember. At least since the age of 8. Over the years I've tried many remedies with the hope of curing my disease. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case and I'm still struggling. At times it goes from a few to many and at times very painful cystic spots. Currently I believe my main issue is with my hormones. I'm still nursing and haven't had a cycle