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  1. To those who are allergic to BP, I would like to know what products work for YOU. Cheers!!
  2. Has any of you tried Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Bronzing powder? it is really good and it also does not make you look like umpa lumpa [-X I am of Asian Origin so I have no problem with getting tanned but if you are suffering from acne problems it definitely is not good to get tanned directly from the sun because if you have scars then they will turn out darker than the rest of your face - that's what happened to me!
  3. I started doing the Regimen since March 2003 and pretty much cleared up, except for tiny pimples every now and then - but they are usually from falling asleep when my face was dirty or when I touch my face with my not-so-clean hands. The only bad thing is now I am allergic to BP! ](*,) *sob*
  4. Has anyone ever tried the Neutrogena Cleansing Bar at all? It is meant to be hypo-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. I found the Cetaphil cleansing bar or the liquid cleanser too expensive for me ($10 for a cleansing bar and $14 for liquid one!). I would like to hear from people who have or are using this product.
  5. I'm not using BP anymore because my face has become somewhat 'allergic' to it but I rarely get those huge pimples. Now I only get small ones instead. If you have gotten used to using BP, instead of stopping completely like I did, reduce the application. That way it will keep you from getting acne.
  6. Hi Roger, What you have explained made sense... When I am asleep I seem to only feel the itchiness but not the soreness so when I wake up in the morning it was very surprising seeing my cheeks all red and swollen. I have not started using BP again yet, because I am still afraid that the same thing might happen again. I am thinking that maybe instead of using it at night I will use it in the morning so at least when I'm itchy I will be conscious and can control my scratching my face! Thanks for
  7. Hello guys, thanks for the reply. I have tried applying BP on the skin on my stomach and it doesn't develop the same reaction I got from my face. Could it be that I'm only allergic on the face? This is so weird.
  8. Hi guys. I've been on the Regimen for about 6 months and have pretty much cleared all my acnes. I stopped using BP for a few weeks, just to balance my skin natural moisture again - cuz you know how it gets dry etc - and a few days ago I put BP on again becauce I felt some pimples errupting, but while I was sleeping I got woken up many times because my face was so itchy #-o and when I woke up the areas where I'd applied BP on were competely red and swollen - as if I'd gone mad with the blush or
  9. I would like to thank Dan for the Regimen, and everyone who had given me motivation to stay on the Regimen. I wish I had stumbled upon this website ages ago.. then maybe my scars won't look as bad, but nevertheless, now I am cured of acne. Sure I still get a few every now and then but it is definitely not as bad as it was before. I'm not sure how long am I still going to be on the Regimen, but currently I'm on the phase where I just use BP twice a week or so, due to the drying effect. For everyo
  10. I am Asian too and I have olive skin. I've been on the Regimen for about 5 months now, and I have gone through the really-really dry-skin phase. I think that phase is the worst because your face gets really dry and flaky but if you stop using BP then you will get pimples! Well anyway, I get pimples mainly on my cheeks, forehead and chin. Since I'm on the Regimen, I don't get pimples on my forehead and chin anymore. The ones on my cheeks are pretty stubborn though and they are massive too! Well i
  11. I used to have blackheads on my nose as well.. heaps, in fact. But when I started using BP, they slowly go away and they get replaced by whiteheads, which are a lot more easier to take out than blackheads. I think if you put HEAPS of BP just like what Dan said, eventually it will go away. The reason why BP doesnt work on the nose is because to most people, it is the oiliest part of their faces, so put more BP. Hope it helps :)/
  12. My skin type is combination, and recently I have noticed new products coming out that are suited for combination skin, but I don't know which one is good. I would really appreciate anyone out there with combination skin type who has found really good foundation and would really like to share it with us. Thanks!
  13. I have been on the Regimen for a few months and am experiencing the same problem too. I am not sure how long this is going to continue, and I don't know whether I should stop the Regimen or continue, because my skin gets really dry but if I don't put BP then I will obviously get pimples. Has anyone experienced this as well and what did you guys do?
  14. I guess masturbation can cause acne... if you don't wash your hands after and start touching your face.. therefore, wash your hands! same goes with other activities