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  1. No, do not wait. Tell your parents about it and go see a doctor. I did that and it worked tremendously for me. My parents know, it's just not I topic I talk about with them too often. I've been going to a dermatologist for about seven years now, just hasn't helped me much. I'm glad to hear that that you've seen improvements though. True, well that's the thing hopefully we'll all find someone who has had skin issues or has skin issues. So we wont feel judged.
  2. I don't think its bad to be a Virgin at all!! I actually believe in waiting til marriage. Now, that's just my beliefs but I see guys that are virgins and I Admire them because they don't fall into the worlds stereotype of what's cool and what's not. And like someone in a recent post said there are so many diseases roaming around now and days that are sexually transmitted so its better to wait for someone that you have a honest relationship with or until marriage Your Health comes bef
  3. Who wouldn't want to have clear skin?? My main reasons are so I don't have to wear makeup and I could feel comfortable outside with the sun hitting my face. I still go to the park regardless but people do stare at scars and any active acne that might come up. Also, so I wont feel like such an oddball with my gorgeous skinned friends!! Bleh!
  4. True I guess its just gotta be with someone who is not superficial, or better yet has suffered with acne/pimples so doesn't judge and knows where you're coming from.
  5. I get where youre coming from. I hate being next to guys cuz im scared theyll see my flaws and when they give me compliments i get more "depressed" for some reason. I feel like i cant date until i get my skin to the point where i want but then ill pbly just beat myself up for anothet imperfection. One is nvr happy -_-
  6. Goodness! People can be so shallow n nasty!! Especially young kids. I just here them talk n i think to myself "oh i hope your face explodes in acne" lol that will teach them to keep their mouth shut. Little Brats! Lol
  7. Awe You're so Very Pretty!! I can tell you not to feel down about yourself but I have Somewhat similar scarring to you and I sometimes feel down myself. However, I am thinking of doing the Affirm Laser Treatment (I think that is what its called) soon. So maybe there's some hope but if not oh well. I am who I am and the people who love me will love me for me and not what I look like. IF that's the case then I don't need them or want them in my life! Stay Positive. God Bless.
  8. Oh man, I have so many embarrassing stories as well. But, I guess the most embarrassing one that rings in my head was when I used to have really severe acne. I went to my aunts house for a family gathering and she asked me "What happened to your face" All my family members turned to stare at me. I felt like I wanted to die!! LOL .......And then of course you know they tried giving me advice on how to treat it, what to eat to cure it, and blah blah blah etc. . . .
  9. Did you just stop putting bp on your face one day to another? Bp is keeping my acne kinda at bay, so im kind of scared.
  10. How much bp do you apply on your face at night? Do you like later it on? Layer Layer
  11. Before BED, Maybe you should try this: Wash face with gentle cleanser or something fragrance free ( I use a neutral soap) Make a really good lather and wash my face for about 15 seconds. Next dry gently with a white cotton shirt or something similar to that (Towels irritate my face for some reason) Next apply a thick layer of BP around your problem areas. And I mean thick like line it up from the bottom of your index finger to the top and spread it gently on one cheek. Then do the same to th
  12. Ummm i see. Sounds good. Not washing ur face? Sounds like the caveman method. Id say give it a go!!
  13. Oh man, i should really start this (which is hard cuz im on a "clear skin" diet as well) ........ Um, how was your acne before you started this procedure? Was it mild, moderate, or severe?