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  1. So i've reached my max recommended dosage of 150mg/kg but im still getting pimples. My derm says i can't stay on it any longer. Can i get any advice on what to do? im worried the last year will become a waste. Thanks, Tim.
  2. I saw noticeable improvement in my face at the 6th month mark. I am now at 8 months and due for 1 more month. My main problem is blackheads now. I have about 6 on my face at the moment whereas i normally had none. These blackheads stay for a long time and turn into big white heads and then eventually pop. Has anyone had this problem before?? it is weird lol and only ever experienced this on accutane
  3. yeah dude agree with the guy above. For me i started clearing at month 6. In fairness first 2 months was a bit lower dose, so i'd say 4-5 months normally. But it will work, just be patient
  4. did u have slight scarring this has somehow disappeared? in the first picture it looks like u have small indents and in the second picture your skin looks like a baby's buM!
  5. By the way, has anyone been on accutane this long, and still not cleared yet?
  6. Jinarchy I do but I'm not too game to upload them online. Maybe I can msg them too you?
  7. I live in aus too. It's not hard at all to get one. Just call a derm in the morning and ask if they have any cancelations for the day. Should be sweet
  8. 3 more months, and with the option on going further. i havent really calculated the dosages as of yet, but i want to try hit 150mg/kg
  9. My weight is 75kgs, Doses have varied Month1 10mg month 2 20mg month 3 20mg month 4 30mg month 5 40mg month 6 50mg month 7 50mg I had moderate to severe acne Month 1 showed improvement month 2-5 broke out like cray cray the entire time. Have a nice group of scars from them (hyperpigmentation and indentation) month 6-7 started to show improvement. Instead of breaking out once a day i would breakout 1-2 times a week. Things starting to heal now but still have around 3 pimples on m
  10. ive done 6 months of tane so far. and im still the same as before. i have 3 months left and hopefully i see results soon or shits gonan get cray cray. hope it works for u asap!
  11. since 5 days ago, i haven't broken out. I was getting new breakouts everyday and suddenly they have stopped. It has been almost 6 months into treatment and it has finally stopped. This is just a message for other people on accutane, thinking it doesn't work for them. Good luck everyone! and let me know if you have any questions
  12. Hey, i am half way through my accutane treatment. I have noticed alot of indented scars recently. I was wondering if there is anything i can do to prevent these indented scars. Will moisturizer possibly help? please, if you know anything about this help me. I don't want any more scars than i already have.
  13. Hey i do have some questions! do u have much scarring (indents/or red marks) from accutane? if so, which? and how much ? im now onto my 6th month of accutane and have no improvement so far. I think this is due to me starting at a 10mg dose for 1 month, then 20mg for month 2 and 3 and 40mg for month 5 and 50mg for month 5. Did ur acne suddenly improve dramatically or was it a slow transition where acne slowly went away little by little Hope you can answer some of my questions
  14. Hey guys, Im on accutane at the moment and i have noticed that i have little indents from where scabs used to be. I have let them peel of naturally but sometimes when i am washing my face with cetaphil face wash, the scabs come off. My question for any post accutane users is, do these little indents/holes fill up with skin or are they now permanent scars Cheers.
  15. Yeah, don't sweat too much. Apparently some people take 4-5 months to clear up totally. I'm a bit worried because i've almost been on it for 6 months. Anyways keep me updated on how your progress is. My face is so messed up at the moment. 5 massive scabs on my face, a few big reds. And its NYE, so depressing