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  1. I did the Fraxel many years ago and I got some improvement for sure, I should have done it along with subcision which is what I want to do now. BTW sorry for the long signature with all the Fraxel information I can't figure out how to shorten and adjust it and I don't' want to remove it as it's the main way I keep track of when I actually did it lol. Yes it is frustrating when the doctors won't listen to you absolutely!!!! I may have lost my job this week and I'm in full on panic mode but
  2. Maybe give it more time to heal, have you called the doctor and asked what they think you should do?
  3. You look amazing!!! Great improvement. Which size dermaroller do you use? And what is the procedure? I am new to all of this...
  4. So the doctor only uses a topical numbing gel and not the numbing injections? Thanks for the update and continued good healing. You are a beautiful girl no matter what, you have that going for you so don't get to down on yourself. I know how hard it is dealing with the acne and even more so the scarring. I had a complete meltdown two days ago and almost threw all of my makeup away trying to cover my acne, rosacea and scars. You are young and will heal well and reading Mr Matt's thread if
  5. Great reading you two and thanks for sharing all of your experiences with subcision. I have scarring very similar to yours MissBuscuit on my cheeks and around my smile lines on both sides. The scars make the smile lines deeper and I have multiple smile lines on the side so I hope if I can find a doctor in my area it will help me like it has you. The last set of pictures you posted look very promising. Continued good healing ladies :)
  6. Reading this thread has inspired me to look into having subcision. I'm in Houston and I saw a few people mention some doctors but was wondering if anyone has any updated stories to share. Thanks so much Mr Matt for all you have shared and I hope you are having continued good skin . I did Fraxel many many years ago and it did help but as time goes on and I get older the scares are deep again and I have new ones from new hormonal outbreaks and I think subcision would be ideal. I also am goin
  7. I use it at night after I put on my differin or metrogel and it makes my face less dry & irritated the next day. Feels so good around the eye area too. So far so good
  8. thanks for the information...very informative.
  9. Wow I hope you stop now for at least a good 6 to 8 months to let the collagen start forming which is what these treatments do. Induce collagen formation from within! I am having the RePair done as soon as I finish paying off my CC's. Its a long and tedious process isn't it. You're brave and lucky to have a doctor to treat you so many times for so little money!!!!
  10. Restore does work, I think it just takes longer and more treatments then having a single Repair. I got improvement with restore, my mild scars are almost gone, very shallow that I hardly notice them anymore. Even years ago when I did it, my doctor told me this would be a constant lifelong battle for me to keep getting more and more improvement with every procedure. The girl who takes the before and after pictures at my new derm just had her second fraxel repair done and she is asian. The firs
  11. I agree with the last two posters. I would wait at least a good 4 more months before doing anything else. Let your skin heal and let the collagen form!!! You've gotten amazing results so far and if you do the whole thing again in 8 to 12 months you will look even better! You've also encouraged me to really get serious about saving for my Re;pair. Also going to talk to my doc about subscision along with it as I think that is a great combo. Please keep updating at least once a month! This i
  12. OMG, you are not going to need 2 weeks for recovery. i had fraxel repair and barely needed a week off work. Kingziggy, Are you sure you're not talking about the Frexel restore not the Fraxel Re:pair which Co2 aspect to it that the restore doesn't? Also I want to have a deep treatment to get the full benefit and that will require a lot more downtime. check out the thread here http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Combo-Tre...io-t256333.html This will probably take at least a good two weeks to
  13. good luck! this sounds like a great plan of treatments. ive never heard of the stem cell/ recell treatment but think that having subsicion before a fraxel repair is a great idea. I will talk to my derm about doing subsicion before having a repair. It makes sense to break down the scars that are tethered down and help free up some space for the collagen to fill in that space. if that makes any sense. Thanks for sharing all of this, the good and the bad. Just remember to be patient and wa
  14. Good luck on continued good healing. Leave the scabs alone, I know how very hard that is and be very gentle to your skin! If your doctor isn't listening to you I would agree to perhaps try to find another doctor or perhaps try sitting down and talking to your current doctor about your concerns in a non confrontational way. Good luck and keep updating us. I'm going to do the Fraxel Repair as soon as I pay off some more bills and can afford to take a good 2 weeks off to recover.