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  1. I am writing this to share about my experience finally quitting proactiv after 8 years of use and what then ensued- and what finally helped. I am a 35 year old woman, with adult acne, who has had acne since the age of twelve. Severe at many points during my life, using accutane twice, all sorts of rx'd meds over the years, etc. When I was about 27 I started proactiv. During the years being on it, I still had acne, bad at times, (horrible when your 35), but with my history I was dealing w
  2. Hi thanks for your story. I am very interested. I have severe adult acne and have tried all the products/regimes you listed. I do know that my hormones are out of balance, and I have slightly elevated testosterone. With Spironolactone, what were the initial side effects? Any increase in breakouts at first? Thanks, anything else you can share would be great.
  3. Greetings to all, I am also new and really appreciated your sharing. We have similar stories! I began getting acne at 11, and now at age 35 am still battling it. I did OTC during adolscence and was later rx'd prescription creams and accutane twice in early adulthood. I used proactive as well for last five to six years and also had periods of feeling, "Wow this is finally behind me." And felt so grateful but also afraid to get too happy. Last year or so my skin has gotten bad agai