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  1. Started taking Spironolactone (100Mg) and Minocycline (200Mg). My acne has dissipated in two weeks, but I am left with red marks and some light scarring.
  2. Thanks Yeah, I have read success stories on here and it always makes me happy.
  3. Hey, that's great you can take a lower dosage and still be clear. I too feel lethargic at times, but drinking more water and "forcing" myself to stay active have helped a lot. What did your dermatologist say about getting off spiro? Will the acne possibly return?
  4. Sorry again for the late reply. It was really easy for me to get a prescription. She saw my face and knew I needed it! The only hurdle I needed to jump through was a blood test to check my potassium levels. Good luck starting Spiro! It really changed my life. You're right, I believe the oil level changes is being controlled by the spiro. Has anything changed in the past couple of weeks? My face is still at a normal oil level. My period got heavier and longer when I started spiro. W
  5. Hey lifeinfaith, I have been on Sprio for 16 weeks (~4 months) and my face is significantly less oily. It used to be oily enough that I had to wipe my face a few times a day, but now I don't need to touch it at all and my skin feels very balanced. The first side effects I experienced from spiro was light headedness and a lofty feeling during the first two weeks. This could have also been due to the mino. After that, the feeling dissipated. Also, my periods are heavier and I feel achier duri
  6. Same, I am quite curious, but too scared to experiment I hope the spiro kicked in and is doing the heavy lifting. Let me know if you ever stop the antibiotics and what your results are. I saw in your post above that you have been on spiro and mino for 4.5 months. Yeah, I experienced results the first few weeks, but I think I was one of those random few. My doctor also said it would take at least 3 months to see results.
  7. I'm still in shock at the difference I have seen in four months. Yes, I too had to get baseline bloodwork done, mainly to check my potassium levels. My results came back normal, so I was given the green light to start spiro. I went back recently for a three month check-up and had to get another blood test, but this time only to check my potassium levels (as expected, they were higher than the original test, but was within the normal range). I was first prescribed doxycycline, but it was ext
  8. Sorry for the late reply, I've been on vacation and haven't logged onto acne.org for a few weeks. I will definitely check those links out and do some reading. I've recently started eating healthier (no more pizza for me!). Thanks, now I'm only left with minimal scarring. Month 4 update (pictures below): By the end of month 3, no new pimples have surfaced. The medication has stopped my acne completely and now my scars are beginning to fade. I slowed down on the honey/asprin mask simply du
  9. I tried hydroquinone and was quite sensitive to it, but I hear it works wonders. Awesome, thanks for the advice. I will look into all of those and provide an update. I have also heard Vit C serum works really well. Keep up with spiro if you can. My oil production has continued to lessen and my acne has disappeared (but this may be due to mino as well). Good luck and I hope things get better for you! Yup, I'm still taking 100mg of oral antibiotics twice a day.
  10. Thanks for the advice! I actually have aloe gel, but never tried it because I didn't want to add more variables to my routine. I'll give it a shot this month and see where things go. Acne.org has given it a lot of praise for red marks, so I'm hopeful
  11. Two month update (pictures). I still get small pimples near my jawline here and there, but my skin continues to get better. I stopped using AHA+ because I broke out for a week. My biggest concern is the red marks. If anyone has advice, let me know
  12. UPDATE (pictures below)! It's been 4 weeks and my acne is still under control. I'm left with the odd, small pimple here and there. I have noticed a decrease in oil production and my face is feeling better than ever. I continue to use a honey and aspirin mask daily and decided to invest in manuka honey based on reviews here on acne.org. So far I haven't noticed a huge difference, but it probably takes time. Anyone else notice a difference between regular raw and manuka honey? Since
  13. That is so awesome it worked wonders for you! I hope my experience is the same Interesting that a higher dose had a negative effect on your acne. From what I've read on acne.org, people pine over increasing their dosage. I'm banking on the spiro working over a few months so I can slowly stop taking antibiotics. Yup, I too noticed a drastic decrease in my oil production and it's amazing. Your face looks amazing When your acne dissipated, did you do anything for your red marks/scars? Tha
  14. Hey! Spiro is treating me well, no new breakouts I also tried to cut things out of my diet and didn't notice much of a difference, but I hear a lot of people have success when changing their diet. Ahhh, did you ask your doctor what they think about you starting spiro with low blood pressure?
  15. That's great to hear things are also working well for you! Yeah, I also agree that it is probably the antibiotics doing all the work since spiro can take months to take affect, but I have yet to experience an initial breakout. I have a prescription written for three months until I need to return to the clinic for a check-up. How long have you been taking both medications? Did you experience an initial breakout?