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  1. Shannanigunz

    Anyone Tried Aczone Or Acanya Gel?

    Also, I'm very interested in green tea moisturizers. These topical Rx's are pretty drying. I like Cetaphil but I specifically would like to try a green tea moisturizer. Anyone know of any good ones that don't break you out? Thanks.
  2. My Derm prescribed me Aczone (dapsone) gel, 5% for my overall acne, and Acanya gel as a spot treatment. I have adult hormonal acne. I am 25, have been struggling with it for a year. I am using Ortho Tri Cyclen BCPs to regulate my hormones....though I'm thinking about switching because it's been almost a year and I still need topicals. My acne is mild/moderate. I have very dry skin, naturally. Has anyone used either Aczone and/or Acanya? How long before it worked, if it worked at all? An
  3. I am going to my dermatologist tomorrow after using Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion for a few months with no success. I want a product that will not purge my skin as the Clindamycin has. I NEED to get rid of these bumps before I go camping in 2 months. My skin tone (though uneven to begin with) seems to be worse than ever before as well. I look like a heroin addict. My confidence is in the gutter. I'm in tears. I have lots of small bumps all along my jaw and cheeks now since using Clind
  4. Shannanigunz

    Should I Be Breaking Out?

    Thank you. I am actually treating the problem hormonally, via birth control pills. I am on Ortho Tri Cyclen. I should have mentioned that earlier. I have been on it for about 3 months now, maybe 4 months. I was on BCPs before, but my doctor changed it once my skin started acting weird last year (the Ortho is not the cause of my acne). I will discontinue use of the Clindamycin lotion over the weekend...hopefully things get better. I have a prescription of Aczone that I have yet to try. I supp
  5. I have been using Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion USP 1% for about a month. My doctor prescribed this to me for my late-onset adult acne. (Mild/moderate). For the past 3 weeks, I have developed lots of tiny bumps all over my cheeks and jawline; everywhere I have been applying the lotion. Some of them do become inflamed, red, and VERY painful. Am I supposed to be breaking out from a topical antibiotic? Or could this be an irritation? I don't know if my skin is "purging" or if this produc
  6. Yo, dawgs. Read the whole post for a background on my situation, skip to the last paragraph for the actual questions. So...I'm going back to my dermatologist next week for my late-onset adult acne. I am 25. Never had a pimple in my life; now all of the sudden my jawline loves to produce clusters of tiny bumps...some of which become inflamed and red and huge. It can be painful, it sucks. What kind of acne is this? Where it's not necessarily inflamed, just bumpy and visible if you look cl
  7. Shannanigunz

    Anyone Tried Grapeseed Essential Oil?

    can I asked what herbal remedy you used to clear your skin? and yes I've read wonderful things about what grapeseed oil can do for marks/scars leftover from acne. But I've also heard it's good for active breakouts as well.
  8. I have mild-moderate late-onset adult hormonal acne (mouthful, I know...) I have been reading about grapeseed oil, and how it's supposed to be good for hormonal acne. has anyone tried this? If so, how did you use it? did it work? How long before you saw results? I am trying so hard to keep my hormonal acne at bay, without taking anymore pills (already on BCPs...don't want to take oral antibiotics). So...yeah. Grapeseed Oil... How 'bout it?
  9. Hey, hun. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I went my whole life without being touched by acne...then all of the sudden, at the age of 25, I started to get breakouts...what gives??? Late-onset acne is what it's called, and it is extremely common. It is also believed to be completely hormonal by professionals, and I have gone through 3 dermatologists; they all agree that it's hormonal. There are a number of prescription treatments that your doctor/derm may prescribe you...but bef
  10. Hey everyone!! WARNING: this is going to be a little lengthy. But I'll love you forever if you can help me. It's been quite a while since my last post. Feels kinda good to be back...even though it means I'm having skin issues :/ So let's just jump right into it...I need your help! I have been sitting on a prescription of Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion for a couple of weeks now, absolutely TERRIFIED that my skin will purge again. If you've read any of my other posts, I had horri
  11. Shannanigunz

    Your age bracket

    Just turned 25 this month
  12. Shannanigunz

    Ortho Tri Cyclen, Wtf? --Pictures!

    So I am on my 5th month of (Norgestimate-ETH Estradiol Tab) GENERIC for Ortho Tri Cyclen...and I am STILL having breakouts! My skin was mild before I started this stuff, then BAM I get moderate and painful flare-ups along my jawline and chin. Even occasionally the cheek area. I will occasionally experience "decent skin days" but still nothing like it was half a year ago. They start off as tiny, flesh colored bumps, then they become hard and infected, inflamed and red. I have yet to find a
  13. Shannanigunz

    Epiduo Wtf

    I have been sitting on a prescription of Epiduo, not taking it, because of this fear. Please let me know how it goes. I would stick with it for another 2-4 weeks. My Dermatologist told me by 2 months I should see a dramatic improvement. I'm just afraid to take it. Fortunately, and unfortunately, the breakouts mean that the product is in the process of working. It's purging your skin. Some people take longer for the purge to complete than others. That's why they say "up to 2 months" about Epiduo.
  14. So I am approaching my 5th month of Ortho Tri Cyclen BCPs...and I have to say my skin has FINALLY begun to clear up. I had a sudden outbreak of hormonal acne about 6-7 months ago, having never had a pimple before in my life. I am 25. The initial breakout from Ortho Tri was horrible, and my skin still isn't as good as it was before I started taking it....but now I am beginning to see more good days than bad. HOWEVER...I still suffer from these stubborn little bumps (sometimes they get red a
  15. You are describing EXACTLY what I went through on Ortho Tri Cyclen BCPs. My skin is still trying to recover from breaking out all along my jaw and lower cheeks. Yet nothing anywhere else on my face. I know it's hormonal. I didn't even really have bad acne before starting the pill. Now I'm about to start my 5th month, just gotta get through this week...you know, hah. My skin does look better, but is still very sensitive. I do believe it is finally starting to clear though. It took a few months, a