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Gives temporary relief
Improves skin I didn't experience any side effects (although some do) Only temporary improvement Pills taste discusting and if you burp after taking them you can still taste them Improved my skin but being an antibiotic, was obviously only a temporary improvement.

By EatsRainbows,

Love it
It works on scars/marks Is effectively helping to heal my skin, especially since I'm on Accutane at the moment Leaves skin feeling healthy and soft Very, very greasy/ oily Not cheap I have been using this for about 4 months now. At first I used it in the morning and in the evening but now I only use it before bed because it's so greasy and it makes my skin look so shiny. It has reduced the appearance of my post inflammation hyper pigmentation and it leaves your skin feeling really soft.

By EatsRainbows,

Not for sensitive skin My skin was just too sensitive for this. It made my skin red, itchy and flakey. I don't know if it would have helped my acne as I had no choice but to stop using it.

By EatsRainbows,

Improves skin! I didn't experience any side effects (although some do) Doesn't reduce oil production Didn't clear up all my acne (note why I'm now on Accutane) I took Dianette for over 8 months (I actually still take it now but in conjunction with Accutane). It helped improve my skin considerably, If you're on it now then have patience, it took about six months to really kick in.

By EatsRainbows,

Makes a difference
Cheap (ish) Gentle for sensitive skin (like mine) Reduces soreness and redness of spots I only use it before bed as it doesn't sink in very well so it looks white on the skin Sudocrem is great for healing large, red angry spots as it tends to make them less sore. So many other spot treatements have just dried out and damaged my skin so its great that I don't need to worry about that with sudocrem.

By EatsRainbows,