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  1. Hey guys! So I'm a little down... I've been breaking out recently. I have 5 huge pimples on my right cheek. Before accutane I never had that many at one time. These ones are big and they hurt. I have one pimple on my left cheek and a couple small ones on my forehead and chin. I look gross when I wear makeup to try to cover them. I'm hoping this is the initial break out and that it doesn't get much worse than this. I also have developed a ton of blackheads all across my nose and ch
  2. Hey! My dark spots are beginning to fade. They are still very noticeable, but I do see the improvement. I have two new pimples on my right cheek. A couple that are beginning to go away on my forehead and no active ones on my left cheek. I still have the same side effects, in addition to some new ones. My face and lips are still dry and my scalp is still itchy and flakey (although I got Selsun blue for flakey scalp, so hopefully that helps.) One of my new side effects is that I have a
  3. Hey everyone! My acne does seem to be clearing up a bit. I hope this continues and that I don't experience an initial break out. The dark marks, which were my main problem to begin with have also begun fading a little bit. As for side effects, my lips are dry. My skin is also dry but not nearly as dry as I expected it to be. I use Cerave sunscreen in the morning and this is sufficient to clear up my dryness. I don't use any moisturizer at night. My scalp is still itchy and that is ver
  4. I noticed your comment on my blog. Thanks! I'm going to keep up with your blog because we basically started accutane at the same time. It'll be interesting to see how treatments compare with each other. Good luck!
  5. Hey guys! So I've taken my seventh pill of Claravis. For the most part I feel fine. I haven't noticed any improvement and my acne is only slightly worse than before I started accutane. My face is starting to get more dry. But it is definitely not too bad and I can still wear makeup, although by the end of the day my face looks cakey with makeup. My lips are starting to peel and it feels like I have a sunburn on them. However, this also is not very bad and is easily manageable with aqua
  6. Hey everyone! Well, like a lot of you I've been suffering from acne for a long time, since I was about 12 years old. There seemed to be some years where it wasn't so bad and others where it was. Three years ago I had a bad breakout but Retin-A really cleared it and all of my dark spots up very fast. My skin never looked better. This past June I started breaking out again and I haven't stopped since. It's been much worse than it was three years ago and nothing has cleared it up this time. On Ja