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  1. Well since joining this forum I have tried a few new things and my skin is getting better so I thought I would share. The first thing I learned on this site is how to gently cleanse my skin. I believe this is a very important step. Before I would be angry with my skin thinking I could rub my acne off the harder and longer I scrubbed. In turn my skin would look back at me in the mirror angrily. So now when I cleanse with my tea tree oil Castile soap I work up a lather like Dan suggests and very l
  2. Having wrinkles at 30 is perfectly normal, don't let photoshopped celebrities and makeup and botox fool you. They are now marketing botox to 25 year olds. Premature aging is having wrinkles at 16. If you're set on clearing it naturally then look at the Nutrition / Holistic forum on here. Thank you! I'll do that.
  3. I am so glad someone is talking about this! This is new to me I actually just read about this. I thought to myself this might be the reason I can't clear my skin. I started having bad acne in hs I'm now 30 and it's still here. I don't have the hair symptoms or irregular periods but my skin does clear up around that time of the month which for some reason annoys me lol. It's like terrible skin when I'm not on my period and clear skin when I feel like crap! I also am VERY moody and get depressed e
  4. I really don't want to believe that I can't clear my skin naturally. I may have to give in to the 2.5% benzoyl peroxide but I really don't want to deal with the side effects. I'm getting older so the risks of accutane and what it might do to my reproductive system is scary so that's definitely out for me. As for the 2.5%, I notice smile lines and lines in my forehead when I use it. Premature aging! Ugh so not cute. I mean I know I'm 30 but I'm not supposed to have wrinkles yet lol. So it's like
  5. So I finally decided to join the conversation. Hello everyone. I'm not even sure if I'm creating this post right. But anyways i guess ill find out. I've been stalking every site, this one in particular, to hopefully find something to help me conquer my problematic skin. Alas all I can really find is that everyone's skin is different. So finding a cure all is impossible. I joined in the hopes to zero in on what may be going on with my skin if any of you have experienced the same issues. I hones