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  1. Wow! I didn't look at the list too carefully when I posted it earlier! I think they must have changed the formula, because I used it years ago and there were rounded orange beads, I didn't see anything in there that remotely resembled walnut shells. You're right, they used to use jojoba spheres, but they changed the formulation a while back. Stuart
  2. http://www.navelring.com/information/gener...ngaftercare.htm
  3. B5 didn't work for me, either (10g / day) Stuart
  4. Oxy 10 Balance Oil-Free Maximum Strength Acne Wash, 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Medication.
  5. The Carley's product is ok, although I think crushed walnut shell is too hard on my skin do be used daily. The 2.5% concentration is not irritating, but it isn't that effective either, since it is only on your skin for 30 seconds. For someone who has mild acne and doesn't have sensitive skin, it might be a good choice. It isn't overly drying. There is a lot of debate concerning acne, but I think there is a very solid consensus that acne bacteria cannot develop a resistance to Benzoyl Peroxid
  6. I'm really curious about how the AcneMiracle topical program is working for you?
  7. I love Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer! Not the most moisturizing moisturizer I've ever used, but it doesn't cause any breakouts for me. .5% salicylic acid is pretty weak, so I wouldn't count on a lot of exoliation from this.
  8. I use Edge Ultra Sensitive Gel, which is fragrance-free, without any problems.
  9. I'm glad that you have found a shampoo that works for you! The reason sodium lauryl sulfate isn't found that often in shampoo is because it is considered more irritating than the milder sodium laureth sulfate.