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  1. Thanks for all the responses, everyone, the date/hangout got postponed to this Saturday, so that gives me a little time to decide but I'm most likely not going to say anything like most of you suggested and just hope she won't care. My pimples don't really bother me as they come and go, it's really only the oiliness and enlarged pores that I'm insecure about, so if anyone has the same problem and knows a quick fix, I'd love to hear about it.
  2. K. I'll take it into consideration and get back to you. Maybe lol, you never know with online. But at least I know she's not using fake pics. I've tried zinc before for oily skin but it didn't help.
  3. Yeah, if I did bring it up, I'm pretty sure she'll still want to meet, but like you said, she might notice it more and focus on it lol.
  4. This chick, who lives in the same city, sent me a message on fb a couple of weeks ago and we immediately hit it off, pretty much been talking every day and we made plans to meet in a few days. See, my skin looks great in my pics and on cam, and she's even commented on how great my complexion is numerous times. But in person my complexion is far from great, it's uneven with mild acne, insanely oily with enlarged pores. It's going to be awkward if I bring it up out of the blue before meeting and i
  5. You don't have to drink to have a good time, you can still show up to the party you know. If you're too embarrassed to admit you're on accutane, just show up and say you're on medication for a stomach virus or something and you're not allowed to drink, I'm sure your friends won't think twice about it.
  6. I noticed lower libido about 3 or 4 weeks into treatment (was on 40 mg), the side effect completely went away and things returned to normal after my treatment (I stopped about a month and half in).
  7. Chris Pine, who I'm sure even the men here can admit is a really good looking guy, had some bad acne scars in Star Trek. I'm pretty sure he got a lot of treatment on them, 'cuz they're barely noticeable in the new Star Trek movie. But then again, it might have been the lighting that did him a favor in the new movie.
  8. I had two accutane side effects that stuck for at least 5 months after my course was over. 1. I lost a lot of hair in the shower, my hair loss wasn't to the point where my hair was noticeably thinner, but whenever I pulled my bangs back, I could tell the left side of my hairline was starting to recede a little. 2. I was always in great shape, before accutane, I could play basketball 5 hours a day, every day, before I was even close to gasing out. After accutane, I started to notice tha
  9. oilydave94

    Pantothenic Acid Works For Me

    B5 works for acne for a lot of people but megadosing can cause hair loss.
  10. oilydave94

    Acne Scarring

    Yeah, like others have said, some people are prone to scarring and some seem immune, and of course, deep cysts have a higher chance of scarring. But one thing we can control to help prevent scarring is never pick and never pop.
  11. oilydave94

    Scrub That Acne Away!

    Your avatar made me think you were an Accutane dealer lol.
  12. oilydave94

    Reverse Accutane Log

    Omg, I thought we were going to get Memento'd. I think at least 60 percent of accutane users won't relapse...you are one of the lucky ones that only had to deal with a little dryness, maybe you'll get lucky again.
  13. oilydave94

    Scrub That Acne Away!

    Jonah Hex uses sandpaper.