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  1. yea Dan's Gel... i dont know..but it breaks me up bad!!!! i have 4 of them in my closet... so if anyone wants them and lives in t. ill be more than happy to give them away..cuz i dont need them Neutrogena however works wonders for me..but the shipping is damnbad and its expensive
  2. has it been discontinued in the states as well? its been discontinued in canada... anyone know where i can buy it still?
  3. ive been on the regimen for about 3 months now ... i only do it once a day... and with a 5% peroxide... question is what happens if i miss one day?
  4. if yes , then how are the results? would u recommend it?
  5. how about 2nd round of accutane? if the acne is really that bad i suggest you go find another GP and make them send u to another Derm asap. if her accutane is like that, the only solution is to see another derm.
  6. hey, im getting off mino, and im also on the regime at the same time... i must say that the mino wasnt all that benificial for the first 3 months until i started the regime, however it did help. im still taking 2x50mg of mino /day... along with the regime once a day. im about to stop mino (as my doc said)... in about 2 weeks... what to expect? what not to expect? any ideas?thoughts?suggestions? thanks in advance
  7. would doing the regime with a 8% BP be LESS benificial and have less effect than the 2.5?
  8. dont use that fruit of the earth it will break u out!
  9. i have those 2 pimples on each cheeck ... they're not that big..but each one of them has this rednesa around them that makes my cheecks red... bah! what do i do about it? ps. im on week 7-8... (just broke out)
  10. just curious.. because im using this cleanser from the dead sea ... but im about to run out so im thinking of switching th cetaphil? which would be the best and will it break me out at the begining?
  11. hey, i have a question for those who have or are taking mino for more than 3 months, how long did u take it for ? did you become resistant to it? were you using a topical with it? the reason im asking is cuz im at this 3 months mark... ,my doc told me that i should just keep taking it as lng as it works (2x50mg/day)... another doctor told me go down to maintenance dose... so i dont know what to do thnx
  12. do you guys know anything thats similar to dan's BP gel that is sold around here? other than neutrogena on the spot thinggy? anyb0dy?
  13. Im doing the regimen except that, i use benzamycin instead of dan's gel... however it kinda irritates my skin (makes it a little more red than usual).. so im thinking switching to dan's gel? is it gonna work just as well?