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  1. Similar boat my friend!! In honesty, my acne is not that bad. I scar very easily so it looks worse than it is. I was prescribed it no problem because I too had tried everything else. I was also prescribed it because the psychological effects were very bad for me, which I stressed to the doctor.
  2. Been on Erythromycin for a week now. I've had the usual stomach cramps but lots of fluids, digestive drinks and set pill taking times have got rid of those. Today though my joints in my shoulders ached... I'm a fit 17 year old girl, and I'd slept fine. Weird. Gone in a few hours though. But over the past few days, the skin around my eyes has become red and very sore. Not really noticeable, but it stings like hell when I wash my face, use toner etc! I'm also using Differin cream but I
  3. I've always suffered from bright red scars. I've always been teased or told to "rub off my makeup" because yes, I do wear thick makeup, otherwise my confidence gets very very bad. Anyway, I've always been a fan of Benefit makeup, despite the *cough* price *cough*. I stumbled upon the BOING concealer when I got a trial size in a christmas present. It's incredible. Absolutely amazing. Make sure you get the right colour. Here's some tips: Use a concelaer brush to apply, NOT your finger
  4. I had a HORRIFIC experience with ClariSonic!!!!!!!!! I too read the reviews, watched the ads etc and was too excited to try it. Managed to find one for £120 with a free sample of facewash. For the first week there was a little improvement. The following two months, I had the worse acne I have ever had. I broke out everywhere. I know it was the clarisonic because nothing else had changed. I never usually wash my neck, but decided to use the ClariSonic on my neck and I broke out there too.
  5. Try either the Porefessional by Benefit (mattifies skin, reduces pores, redness and makeup never slides off. May be slightly pricier but lasts forever.) or you could try That Gal by Benefit too. I love it because it has camomile in it so it's great for soothing any acne or acne scars. It's really light weight too.
  6. You've mentioned you use a primer - how about the Porefessional by Benefit. It's a great primer that reduces pores, redness, mattifies your skin and provides a great base so your makeup doesn't slide off. I was really confused how a tiny bottle could be a little pricey, but you honestly need so so little. A pea drop per cheek and a pea drop for t-zone. I've had mine for 4 months, only just running out now. I never need to reapply makeup and pores don't shine through.
  7. I was given Erythromycin exactly one week ago. Now, a well known and common side effect is stomach cramps. Some people have the capsules which lessen that coming up, but I had to have the tablets (all pharmacists in town had sold out). I'll just tell you my weeks journey - I'm on 4 a day. Saturday - Took all 4 at 5 hours between each, absolutely fine. Sunday - Woke up and skin looked a bit better, but I don't think it could have worked in that time. Felt some cramps until 10 am. Monday
  8. I was told that accutane stops your body from producing oil ever again, so you will never produce natural oil. Is this true?
  9. Wow, absolutely incredible... The difference is amazing, but what's more amazing is that you can almost see your confidence building in every photograph. I am always so happy when I see results like this, and it does help knowing that there will be an end to it all some day! Keep going and good luck, truly amazing!
  10. Inall honesty, my skin isn't absolutely bombarded with spots. Yes, it is considered acne, but I'm allowed to go accutane because my spots cause permanent scars, even if I don't pick them. Because of this, I need to stop the spots in order for my skin to actually have a chance to repair itself!
  11. The Clarisonic face washer retails at around £100 - £150. I searched the internet and in all found about 1 or 2 bad reviews. I was CONVINCED it would work for me. I bought it for £120, and my skin went MENTAL and broke out like crazy! Can't believe there are only one or two bad reviews...
  12. That's a shame because I loved Dianette so much! Did nothing for my skin, but I used it for contraception, menstrual regularity etc. In fact, I loved it so much when the docotr said "you can come off it" I chose not too! Accutane... is not something to be taken lightly. In my 4 years experience with acne, I have always felt that for us sufferers, it's like the finish line... But the side effects are big, and very dangerous if you get them. But my friend was on it... His face is flawless and h
  13. I'm not on accutane yet, just eryhthromycine, still stomach pains but I really want to complete the course! I could take a picture of my face right now, I'm not wearing any makeup, but my self confidence just doesn't stretch that far, too scared!
  14. Looks like my skin, which is predominantly scarring. UV lights can work well, your case isn't as bad as mine, you're very lucky so just keep working at it.
  15. I was on the same drug for about 1.5 months. I don't know if the guidelines have been the same for you, but I had to take four tablets a day, no food an hour before or two hours after. If you work that out, if I'm awake say 7am - 12pm, I'd be awake for 17 hours a day. 4 times a day, i couldn't eat for 3 hours. That's 12 hours a day. There were 5 hours for me to eat in the day. So I had to have breakfast to last me till about 12 or 1. Then I could manage dinner at like 5. But when you think ab