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  1. No, my derm told me that it could be very fast till the initial breakouts happen.
  2. Today I got my prescription for accutane. I am on 40 mg one time a day. To the pharmacy I went, accutane was 130$, but I am insured, so i paid nothing. (I live in CANADA). the derm also prescribed me:(This i had to pay cuz it is over the counter) neutrogena sun block in spray Dormer hydratant cream Ceralip lip balm. ( it cost 11$ for this f*cking lip balm) Rhinaris (hydratant for the nose)
  3. for tips for your shaving, just go to www.roaccutane.com.au login:acneforum password:healing
  4. accutane has not been removed from the market. Or atleast they sell it in Canada and in the US
  5. i dont mean trick it, but i mean what are the things to do before a blood test, the precautions
  6. hey me too I have to go to take my blood test on wednesday. Hope everything goes well for you.
  7. Wednesday, i am doing blood test for accutane, and i want to know what i can do, so that my test would be clean
  8. I will start accutane in about 3 weeks, and I went to www.ragforum.com and I am really scared of taking accutane. do you think i should tell my derm to give me other things, or no i should go ahead and take accutane???