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  1. Hey--just reading through this whole thing. wow, so much to say here. First, it can make you more obsessive but i think its a good idea to get those lab results. I was blown away when I got mine. And like someone just said, you have to be really defficient or too high for a doctor to say anything. its totally possible to be in the normal range for androgens or testosterone, but still react to them. its all about what's normal for your body. for example, my mom has "never" had a too high or too l
  2. hey pinkpugsy i had a similar experience to u. have you tried retin A??? thats what the doctor gave me and although i was hugely skeptical at first (i wanted antibiotics) i am so freaking glad. it brings down large zits within one or two days into a tiny scab. u do purge but its worth it for me.
  3. vitamin d is a really good idea, its too bad ur doctor didn't test u for that in the blood test. that's good if your hormones are normal because many ppls are not when they have acne and get tested, like me. remember, being underweight can mess up your hormones just as much as being overweight so you really want to strike a healthy balance. I get anxious about eating sugar too, and too much of it is definitely bad and bad for hormones, but you still want to make sure you're eating enough other f
  4. Okay I see I may have been a bit rantish with that. It came across to me as being very extreme-ish in qualifying veggies as carbs, and I did hear the part where she advised him to eat...sweet potatoes or something. personally, I think its more logical and makes more dietary sense to think of things like muffins, cookies and bread as carbs. what I was responding to was based on stuff I've read all over the diet forums, and not just one person's opinion- but multiple people banding together and ba
  5. "You haven't cut out all carbs if you are eating veggies. And why not add some resistant starch source like sweet potatoes or properly soaked and poked legumes." I'm sorry but this is insane, and I notice a lot of the advice you give around diet is extremely overbearing and harsh. vegetables basically do NOT count as carbs, and saying so is basically encouraging eating disordered thinking. Yes, I understand there are some sugars in veggies like carrots, beets, corn, even some greens, but thi
  6. ahh shit yeah this is interesting cuz i actually take anti depressants. I take prozac, but I have taken lexapro before. The thing I will say about ssri's---for some ppl they work great, others they don't work at all and can even make you feel worse. Ppl say that "in the beginning they can make you feel more anxious before you start to feel better"...but the first time I started taking them this wasn't true at all. I was such an intense, high achieving teen that they just made me feel super relax
  7. hey omg, I just looked at ur pics. you lookin freakin GREAT. I mean, i can see the bumps and I know how it feels, even just when you're touch your face...you're like wtf! but seriously you are beautiful and your acne looks very manageable. I uploaded the pics onto my profile as well...ugh it looks worse enlargened esp on the cheek.
  8. kelseylee


  9. I just got a bad whitehead yesterday by my upper lip. The dayyyy before I have to go to the dentist (tomorrow). Today it is red around the edges and the middle is drying up but still looks like a whitehead. This literally happened the last time I went to the dentist a few weeks ago, and now I have to just go back for a quick thing and boom, same kind of zit, same area. Last time I just went with it but this one seems even worse. and it hurts ....I thought I was doing good but this literally came
  10. ddammit i just looked in the mirror and I have three bad whiteheads. so now i am eating cookies.
  11. Hi lifeinfaith! Im gonna respond to you first then read the other new stuff Oh man-I have DEFINITELY experienced clogged pores coming out both inflamed and benignly. I'm actually not always sure what is what; if a pimple is just an angry pimple or if it was a clogged pore that was on its way out or both. I think I get whiteheads (inflamed acne/breakouts), inflamed clogged pores AND non inflamed clogged pores. I get mostly the first and the last though. Most of my clogged pores unclog with n
  12. coffee/caffeine doesn't cause acne. I drank coffee for years with zero acne. I, personally, think acne comes from an overstimulated, over inflamed system and caffeine can exacerbate that, giving the appearance that its contributing. But if you drink coffee in moderate amounts because its something you enjoy, I dont see that as a problem. My acne got worse when I cut out coffee for two months. part of it was probably that I was sad and anxious I was cutting out everything I liked. I drink coffee
  13. Hi no not on a retinoid...i've actually never been to a dermatologist and thank god its starting to get better cuz I would have otherwise. Yeah I think what she did was fine on my pores, it just looked worse in my head because my acne was worse and she had to do so many more extractions than normal. as you guys can prolly relate, it got worse really fast and definitely freaked me out. I went from having like some manageable clogged pores to having sooo many. w/extractions it was mostly the p
  14. hey lifeinfaith, I know what you're talking about with extractions. luckily I always seemed to find ppl that were good at them, but my problem would be that a few weeks later the same spots would refill. when I was younger, and barely had acne, this would'nt happen and a facial would make me feel great for a while, but part of this was how good my skin already was. anyway, i really think its up to the individual and not the tools they use etc. The lady I saw who was the best at it mostly onl
  15. Hi guys, I just read this on tumblr and wanted to share. -warning- strong language used Woman: I'm smart Patriarchy: Well you're probably ugly then Woman: I'm creative Patriarchy: You mean unattractive right? Woman: I have all these incredible accomplishments Patriarchy: Yeah but look how ugly you looked doing them Woman: I have value Patriarchy: Not if you're ugly lol Woman: I'm conventionally-attractive & posted selfies on my blog Patriarchy: I'm so sick o