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  1. I'm also adding saw palmetto, zinc and magnesium as supplements in addition to vitamins d3 and b12 and occasional fish oil.
  2. Hey guys, I've been struggling with hormonal acne for about a year now. And I've realised that it's taking a tremendous toll on my psychological health: I think I've actually developed body dysphoria, or at least terribly low self esteem and depression, because of this. So in the last week, I've decided, fuck that! And I'm trying to change my attitude and try to really listen to my body instead of trying to subject it to various diets and pills and creams. Because obviously this acne is some
  3. You are the first person I've heard say that Spiro is mild! I've only heard horror stories so far about six month skin purges and horrible allergic reactions...have you taken it?
  4. Yeah, since I have such a high level emotional investment in this, I keep ending up crying in my doctor's offices. It's definitely freaking them out. It's disturbing to me though that they do NOT want to hear the whole story; a more integrative way of healing that actually acknowledged all the facts would seem to me a lot more effective! But naturopaths don't have insurance coverage. At least mine doesn't. I have asked four doctors for spiro now, and they have all refused, and have actually told
  5. [[TW: for discussion of disordered eating and depression/anxiety]] This is a saga of pain and confusion that needs telling. If only because, I know I am not the only one. When I was fourteen, I began to get a few more than the occasional teenage pimple. Of course, what with American beauty standards for women being what they are, this made me feel insecure and inferior, and intensified my introversion and shyness from other peers. After countless failed topicals and antibiotics, a dermatol