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    Love love love

    Love love love

    I love emu oil- I use a different brand than the one pictured but both are essentially emu oil. Anyway, it leaves my skin less oily and more plump and healthy looking. I use it at night regularly because I could reflect light off my face when the sun hits my face. I have seen great improvements for my hyper pigmentation for sure!
  2. It was my savior until

    I started Clinique when I was a broke 14 year old whose face was an oily sheen dotted with yellow bumps and her pulled fully back into a pony tail showing my mess of a face for all to see. It started as a gift- the set which lasted me about 3 months and boy were those months the best. My face was less oily and less covered in this yellow dots. But then I finished it and I didn't have the money for it. 3 years by and I had enough money to cover Clinique for the next 3 years- there was improvement
  3. My acne seems to be in remission- the only times I get pimples is during PMS. But after years and years of teenage acne cure experiments(such as popping and accidentally popping sits) and acne, I am now let with gazillion tiny holes that's really unattractive and unflattering. I do glycolic peels when possible and when I have zits my hands are far away. What would one recommend to fix or fill these holes up? Pics included- ignore my weird stubby nose. thank you
  4. Wow! I just won this for free, 2012 - 2013 Pocket Planner - new http://t.co/ODCuuFoh #listia