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  1. So i saw this on a website and decided that some of you guys might find this interesting. Especially the Jessica Simpson one. I still don't know how i feel about this but here it is anyways. (BTW the whole thing's really freakin long, but the jessica simpson one was what made me want to post it here) JESSICA SIMPSON- in the August '05 issue of Twist, said, "I didn't start feeling comfortable in my own skin until I was 20. I just had so much build up and so many clogged pores. As a celebrity
  2. Have you ever been anything other than "yellow?" I'm guessing you havn't, so i really don't know if you can say that others have it worse than you. Yeah sure you're asian, but it doesn't mean you're life is oh so terrible and that no one here understands what its like to be...ASIAN WITH ACNE! DUN DUN DUN!! which is, of course, SO much worse than being any other race with acne.
  3. Does Retin-A really help redmarks to fade? And if so, would the gel or the cream be more effective?
  4. i couldn't find the clearasil ultra daily face wash, so i picked up the clearasil ultra scrub instead. Is it any good? I've only used it once, so i really can't tell. But i was just curious to see if anyone had any good/bad experiences with this product.
  5. Does this mean that it is now available at drugstores? Or just that...it's available through shipping