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  1. image.thumb.jpeg.a6b0836dd30591928364083
    really happy I finnally  got my acne under control!!
    1. ok so its been along time and my pimples have calmed down alot , its refreshing to not have to worry and feel bad about a new pimple and not to mention embarrased , i havent gotten any monster pimple in a long time and im oh so happy wish me luck fellow acne comrades and be strong , i know what your going through and this site helped me alot , thank you all for your support even though it wasnt directly aimed at me , thank you
    2. nice you should try different things and try to rule out whats making you break out it can be some food you eat or the acne medication , my dad told me a long time ago that most acne medications and face wash make money on the fact that you will keep breaking out and maybe secretly those things make you break out just some wierd ideas i have anyway if the meds work take em its a journey you have to go through yourself but hang in there i definitely know the pain acne can cause not to mention the
    3. ok i just turned 28 on jan 21 just to update people havent been using tretinoin since january and stopped using facewash i just rinse my face with water everythings been great and am so glad i dont have to use tretinoin every night anymore i found out that everytime i eat ramen noodle like cup o noodle or maruchan i get a pimple so i try not to eat it but i love it anyway good luck with your pimples and hang in there everyone
    4. ok its been awhile and i stopped using face wash tretinoin cream and everything and my face has finnally calmed down thank the god lord i only use benzyl peroxide on big pimples as spot treatment but everythings been verygood so far hopefully it keeps up
    5. ok so its been a little while and my acne has seemed to calm down and i feel very relaxed not so worried about my acne well i got another big pimple about a week ago but it didnt get as big as my other ones ive had i think the cetaphy cleanser might have been making me breakout so ive stopped using facewashes alltogether and just been showering , oh yeah i think ramen noodles make me break out too im not to sure but when i got this most recent big one i thought what was i doing and the two thing
    6. ok first of all ive heard so many people say dans regimen really messed them up and some say it helped i believe it all depends on what type of skin you have what may work for others might not work for you and vice versa, the trick is to find out what works for you , if your really worried about your skin i would definitely make and appointment with a dermatologist, if you dont have the money i would start researching and marking when you break out and what your doing , doing the same thing over
    7. alright so i began getting cystic pimples alot and i believed it was due to me using the qvar and i believe that was the cause while using inhaled cortical steroids , so i switced to singular and ive been getting less pimples , the reason i believe qvar was giving me pimples was becuase that medicine makes you more prone to infections and you heal slower try singulair it is great
    8. Alright so the huge pimple is gone it wasn't actually a cystic pimple it was two pimples in one and it lasted about 6 days not too bad I'm feeling good for now till the next one pops up its almost been two months and no tretinoin so far so good wish me luck
    9. alright so far so good but just a few days ago i got a huge pimple its pretty big and red but ireally wanted to put benzoyl peroxide spot treatment on it but im gonna follow through with it and just not do anything to it and try to remain optimistic ive had it for about 4 days and ill see how long it will last other than that everythings been alright so please god help me and ill keep you guyz posted ok
    10. that seems like what i had , i went to the derm and he said i had a skin infection he prescriped me clindamyacin topical solution in a roller type deodorant thing and tretinoin cream which really helped out . vitamin d3 1000 iu is really good for infections to if you want to try somthing a little more natural ive stopped using the acne stuff cuzz although it controlled my acne i thought it my be irritating my skin and making me break out more any way good luck and its not so bad take care
    11. ok so i started a post about this when i first stopped using tretinoin cream and its been a month since i stopped using it but before i get into what happened i will give you a little history. Ok i started getting acne when i was about 18 or 19 never really had it in high school but once i got out it began. Anyway i started getting acne and i was really worried when it started worsening so i ordered pro activ . I thought proactiv would be my savior but after using it for a few months it really m
    12. so im back the huge pimple under my skin has gone down and you cant really notice it but its still there the one on my forehead is almost gone and i have one small pimple on my cheek first one in 16 days pretty good for me its hard since ive gotten a few new pimples but alltogether only two where i usually put the tretinoin . i really want to stop using it and im gonna hang tough in there cuase when i was using it i was getting back to back cystic pimples and id rather have a few little ones tha
    13. hey there back again so everythings been good so far no new giant pimples i have gotten one small one on my cheek but it looks pretty small so im happy its almost been two week with no tretinoin i cant believe im doing it well anyway lets hope it continues to go well bye
    14. alright so everythings still alright i got a pimple on my forehead but i dont even use the tretinoin there and the ones on my forehead are usually always never bad but no new ones on my cheeks since ive stopped just the giant one ive had and thats about it anyway i think its been about a week and so far so good hopefully it will stay going this way i really hope so oh yeah my face is not as oily anymore and it doesnt feel irratated at all so im very happy hopefully this week will be good feel fr