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  1. Hi; I was just wonderign has anyone used to Retina A cream to treat acne, if yes then can you please let me know if it works....
  2. Hi; These are the natural treatments that i use for clear skin: 1. Mint 2. Papaya 3. Turmeric 4. Walnut 5. Rice flour 6. Neem (hebal plant) 7. Coconut 8. Cucumber 9. Mighty Lemons 10. Fenugreek There are various ways to use these natural products to keep your skin healthy and glowing.... let me know if you need treatments based on any of these products
  3. Hi; I have a dry skin and get ugly especially in winters. I do suffer from acne and have followed various treatments which does not seem to work. The worst skin that i suffer from is during winters, it just dries my skin and i also have acne marks, can someone on this board suggest a facial moisturiser that will help me get rid of the dry skin. I have used Retina A cream in the past and i also consume vitamin A capsules, they have worked but not up to satisfaction.