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  1. Maya, Could you please ask Dr Chu about injection. I have one deeper scar which I don't think laser can improve it. My DR. also said he might inject somthing after the last laser treatment. I live in Canada where Artecoll is available. I'd like some opion from Dr. Chu. about this permanent injection and what kind of injection does he think is the best choice for ace scarring. Thank you.
  2. The setting of SB is 12. He used IPL for my redness. The only thing I can do is wait to see if they can be back to normal!
  3. It's been two weeks since my first smoothbeam, I had SB with IPL at the same time. These two laser are all non-ablative and supposed to be safe. But I notice some indents( very slight and only visible under lights) in my non scar area. Did anyone have that experience? Will they go away? I am very worried and depressed about that.
  4. Ther are two clinics providing smoothbeam in Vancouver. www.arbutuslaser.com www.whistlerlaser.com I saw Dr. William McGillivray at Lougheed Laser Center 2 weeks ago. The consultation is free. He treated me himself. Normally they chage $400 for full face smoothbeam. He gave me discout becasue I travel to see him. He is patient and careful during my treatment. Arbutuslaser offers $70-250 for each treatment of smoothbeam but you have to make an appointment in advance.
  5. Dr. anonymous, =D> Thank you so much. That's a good news for me. Are you live in Calgary as well? did you discuss the price of smoothbeam with Dr Kent or did he suggest Artecoll for you? Since I didn't find any Dr perform smoothbeam in Calgary, I had to go to Vancouver for my treatment. My husband and I went there 2 weeks ago for my first treatment. It cost me $400 for full face smoothbeam+IPL. it's a fair price but considering air tickets every month... My scars are new and shallow
  6. Dr. anonymous, Does Remington laser center have smoothbeam now? I had consultation with DR. Remington 6 months ago. He dddn't have that machine. Mark, any update? Dr Remington said my sars' severity degree is 4(1-10) and recommand IPL for me, which I don't think will work for scars. I was wondering why he didn't mention Artecoll at all. I think I'd better make another consultation with him.
  7. =D> I have been waitig for your update and glad to hear that good news. Smoothbeam seems more effective than nlite but unfortunately it's not available in my area. I checked the smoothbeam website. the first before/after picture is so amazing. How much improvement do you think it is? Hope you can get better results than that. Sometimes the idea that lasers can ony help but not get rid of scars is almost killing me. you are so optimistic and do you think we would be scar free one day!
  8. Thanks. your English is much better than me, same as your scar? Today I just went back from my consultation about nlite. They told me I need 4-5sessions. first two seperated in two weeks, then seperated in 3 months. each session costs $300. I am still hesitate but I think I will do it soon, even though I realize it's not a miracle. Waiting for the improvement after procedure would be better than doing nothing.
  9. longits, Thank you for your reply. sorry for my rudness. I don't meant to affend you and hope you can understand me. People here are in the same boat. Could you please describe your improvement more detailed? do you have one single scar almost disappear? which is my dream! I would appreciate it if you can tell me what kind of change I can expect 3 or 4 months after fist two session of nlite? Some my scars are boxcar type, shallow but a lit big, others are small shallow ones. They are all
  10. longits, After reading so many your posts about nlite, I am going to give it a try. because I can't find smoothbeam in my country. you are probably the only person in this forum who think so highly of nlite. But I remember one months ago you said you started your first sesson two years ago and already have 6 sessons done and got around 85% improvement. But this time you said "I have now 4 sessions in the same zone done. (First, on December of 2002, Second, January 2003, Third, June 2003 a
  11. longits, =D> You got such good improvment, which encourages me. So after nlite, your scars are much less noticable, right? is the change gradually or suddenly and is there any scar disappear completely? In my country, one treatment of nlite is around $130.
  12. i didn't expect much about micro, but after 1 session, i can notice different. redness of scar is fading quickly and some scars become shallower than before. maybe it's good if scars get treatment asap.
  13. Thank you, oursfan I weren't on Accutane. The only medicine I used for acne was Benzoly.
  14. My scars are only 3 months old, but they bother me so much that I want to go for scar treatment as soon as possible. I had my first Microdermabrasion a few days ago. Now I am nervous because according to doctor's suggestion, I should wait another 3 months before any scar treatment to make sure skin heal itself. I'd like your opinion: 1 Can I go on Microdermabrasion? Will it damage my skin as I did it so early? 2 I want to try IPl or Nlite next month, is it early for that treatment as w