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  1. Alexander J86, to answer your question: because Coppedsynergy999's post suggesting spiritual help for Johnathan's emotional problems was attacked by Decaying. Veiledxbeauty, couldn't agree with you more...goes back to my point about how atheists strangely aren't satisfied to reject God and Christianity and pity us "unenlightened ones," but they feel the need to try to demolish our thinking and cast down our God. This displays something underlying that might slip by - atheists are showing the
  2. Decaying, I am sorry you are so angry (though you deny it, your comments betray you), and that your opinions are not based on logic but emotions. You are clearly angry at God. You can be angry, yes, and that is your right - free will. The Bible tells us that those who are in darkness hate the light because they cannot overcome it. Ultimately, you will find out the truth. I just hope you do before it is too late. You have never died and so cannot know that death leads only to oblivion, as you see
  3. Coppedsynergy999 is right. The God of the Bible is real and Jesus is on the throne now. The Bible does NOT trip itself up on the first page, it is NOT outdated or full of lies, and it is the more culturally relevent today than ever before. The Bible has not been "disproven" by real science and can be taken literally. It doesn't trip itself up on the first page, it offers answers to questions that science, which I would argue has in fact become the god of so many, is even unable to answer log
  4. Well now I can put myself in your place. I started doing it again after 2 weeks of no-mirrors...as in, looking, inspecting, anylizing, from a distance at first, then closer...closer...closer until, yep. Picked again three days ago: my chin, and on my jaw. Now I am sporting a lovely large black scab where I unsuccessfully tried to extract a hardened white pore beneath the skin. I was so miserable I cried for a long time directly afterwards. Mostly from guilt and dissapointment at my not being ab
  5. Great! Good luck! It has been about 2 weeks since I first started the mirror-less and hands-off policy! Well, I took a quick look in the mirror and was happy to see that my skin is 98% healed, but only from where I picked. Sadly, my complexion is doing worse, but I take comfort in knowing that it wasn't anything I've done to it to make it look bad. I also take comfort in not looking in the mirror at how bad it's looking and stressing out. I do have a dermatologist appointment in a couple of
  6. Embarassed Girl, I went through some tough things when I was 16 and found myself thinking some of the same thoughts as you. I posted this some time ago in a different thread (about scars, but it can apply to anyone who feels bad about their appearance) and thought it might bring you comfort. "I think I might have some of the answers to the questions you are asking. This is for you and others like you all around the world who are going through something similar and have come here to
  7. Thanks I totally agree. I think sometimes we fall into habits we don't even realize, and they start to gradually take over unless we react and choose to do something about it. I used to spend so much time obsessing that I found myself thinking once, "what would I do with myself if I HAD perfect skin?" That's when I realized something had to change - I didn't want to be living life that way. I really didn't have a problem with acne until I started picking. I think there is something to the old t
  8. Well, just an update. Today is officially the last day of my "surprise challenge." I have pretty much made it! The past 5 days, I have really had a good experience. I have learned that the problem wasn't with my skin or even with the mirror itself - it's spending too much time looking in it, time that could be spent enjoying my life, forgetting about my so-called problems with my skin and just basically taking my mind off of myself. I have liked this new way of living, really, so
  9. If your skin looks bad from picking (in the mirror) it should. Leaving it alone will give it a chance to heal. If you have regular acne that just comes up on its own this challenge probably won't help it go away...its mostly for those who pick and want to make their skin look better by stopping. I know what you mean about it being time consuming though, looking in the mirror at the imperfections. I'm on my third day now of not looking in the mirror and is it hard! Especially when I have to fix
  10. Yeah, I know! Why is it that our skin looks sooo much better in the summer, when we're outside getting fresh air and light in the sunshine than in winter when we're cooped up and turn pale/pimply? It can be harsh if you're at a high altitude like I am, but at the beach in Mexico or in the South...ah, it doesn't get better than that. I can't get enough sun! Until I get a sunburn. I guess you can limit the time spent in the sun or use natural sunscreen to avoid that. But I want to get all I ca
  11. Hello again! This is a challenge I have begun as of yesterday night and am going to continue for the next 6 days at least. Anyone is welcome to try this for themselves and I would love to hear your feedback. Those of you who read my post about skin mirror frustration know that I've been having issues lately with my skin (breakouts) and the terrible habit of picking (which leads to worse breakouts, worse skin and emotional damage). After doing a bit of thinking, I've identified the
  12. I personally don't buy the whole sunscreen thing either. When it first came out I didn't trust it...now that its been linked to certain forms of cancer I really don't trust it. EDIT: But that reminds me of something! My derm gave me some "lotion samples" that were really SPF 30...Thinking it was just moisturizer, I used it. Realized after smearing it all over my face for a few days that it was actually sunscreen. I was kind of annoyed because I don't even want the stuff on my skin.
  13. So much for the previous post. I couldn't even go 8 hours without breaking my word. I made up my mind that I would leave those two hideous red bumps alone but after trying everything to make the stubborn things leave and them not improving I took the second look in the mirror and went for them. The contents were expressed immediately (sorry, I know, TMI), and most of the redness and swelling is gone, but it is still very obvious that I messed with them. They didn't bleed (fortunately) so I d
  14. I've gone five days without picking now, and yet am experiencing a very strong breakout...I'm forcing myself to LEAVE my skin ALONE this time, and I know from experience that I tend to pick when I'm breaking out because of my frustration. Just gonna ignore those stupid zits and treat them kindly...picking results in scabbing, which usually results in scarring and I'd rather wait out the ugly pimple than be devistated over a scar months later.
  15. I've got two of those that I'm trying to get rid of right now - a small one and a medium-sized. They're a bit tender to the touch, but I doubt that they're cystic in nature. Mine is being stubborn and is lingering for about a week. I guess its one of those things that just has to work its way out and go away on its own, so I wouldn't worry. You can try tea tree oil, peroxide or salt water to speed up the healing process. I'm using the oil, epsom salt and ACV (to try to bring them to a h