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  1. letsgetthisoverwith

    27/yo Male Started Accutane Today

    Hey man, your skin is looking great. Congratulations. Have you done anything for your redmarks? they seem to have faded considerably!
  2. letsgetthisoverwith

    Accutane Log (21, M, Moderate Acne)

    5.5 Weeks(38ish days) Alrighty...so I have now been taking 80mg a day for 2 weeks. I can definitely say things were looking up for the first week or so. However, I have had some breakouts this past week. Definitely having one of those days where I'm getting really impatient and just want this to be over with! It seems like my skin is looking better overall. The right side of my face has been doing pretty well relatively speaking, and my forehead has had almost nothing...but that seemed to al
  3. letsgetthisoverwith

    Accutane Log (21, M, Moderate Acne)

    Week 4.5 Sorry I'm a little late here with this update. I am basically 4 days into week 5. I have now been taking 80mg/day for about 1 week and 2 days. I have definitely gotten drier, but not to the point where I've had to moisturize yet. I have to constantly apply aquaphor because my lips are always peeling and extremely dry. I have also noticed some joint pain, but nothing too bad. Now for the good stuff. My face has been doing pretty well, breakouts seem to be slowing down, and altho
  4. letsgetthisoverwith

    Accutane Log (21, M, Moderate Acne)

    Week 3 Went to the dermatologist today. It looks like this is where things get serious! I am both nervous and a little bit excited. Starting tomorrow I will alternate between 40mg and 80mg on a daily basis. If that goes well and I don't have a major flare, then I will start to take 80mg every day. At least I know that if something is going to happen, it's gonna happen now. Skin condition has not changed much in the last week. I've been getting some new pimples, mostly on the left cheek a
  5. letsgetthisoverwith


    Going through what I think will be a five month course of accutane(Myorisan). Starting at 20mg a day for the first month. I will try to post pictures on a weekly basis.
  6. letsgetthisoverwith

    Accutane Log (21, M, Moderate Acne)

    Day 15 Sooooo here we go. This is my two week update. Been experiencing an unfortunate breakout on my left cheek. On my right cheek I didn't have anything new for almost a week...until I woke up this morning and can feel a couple of bumps forming. The pimples on my left cheek are all a result of a line of clogged pores that I had prior to starting accutane...so I'm hoping the accutane is just pushing those out. I really really am trying to stay positive. I know there will be some breakin
  7. letsgetthisoverwith

    27/yo Male Started Accutane Today

    Damn dude, congratulations. Things seem to be going really well for you. I'm especially interested in your log because you also started off at 20mg for the first month. Do you think this helped in the long run? Did you get impatient at first? I think I'll get bumped up to 40mg next month and I can't wait for my skin to improve as much as yours has. Also, do you mind me asking your weight? I'm just wondering to compare the strength of our dosages. Thanks! Keep after it!
  8. letsgetthisoverwith

    Accutane Log (21, M, Moderate Acne)

    Day 7, 1 Week I'm going to start updating only when I really have something to say. I've found myself on this site too often. I have one Large nodule on my left cheek, and one new whitehead. On my right it's about the same. No improvements so far, been getting a couple new ones at least every other day if not every day. I used Epiduo last night on my forehead to see if that would calm things down, and in fact it did. I used it only on my forehead, temples, nose and the area surrounding
  9. letsgetthisoverwith

    Accutane Log (21, M, Moderate Acne)

    Day 6 Making progress, at least in terms of the number of pills I have left to take! Tomorrow will be one week. It has seemed to drag very slowly. So far, not much different in either direction. I've been getting new pimples, mostly on my forehead and a couple on my cheeks. No terrible breakouts as of yet though. I've been getting a weird kind of pimple...they're showing up right next to my nose and in clusters of three or four. They are quite small and more of what looks like blackhead
  10. letsgetthisoverwith

    Accutane Log (21, M, Moderate Acne)

    Day 5 Just took pill #6. The minor breakouts I've been having seem to be calming down a little bit. Nothing new today which is nice. I've been staying hydrated. I'm about to go to the gym so I hope the sweat won't do any harm. Side effects are still pretty negligible. No dry lips as of yet, although I have not gone a day without using aquaphor at least 2-3 times. My face is still not drying out. I even stopped using the moisturizer because I would like the oiliness to go away. My forehea
  11. letsgetthisoverwith

    Accutane Log (21, M, Moderate Acne)

    Day 4 Took pill #5 today. Definitely getting a break out at this point. I really wish I knew whether it was the accutane starting to work, or just a result of stopping Epiduo and Doxy. Much more stressed out today as classes have started back up. Going to class sucks in the first place, but it's much worse when I have to constantly think about my skin. As far as side effects go, nothing much to say. My face has actually gotten less dry then it was at the beginning. My lips have not gotten
  12. letsgetthisoverwith

    The Beginning Of The End. Starting Accutane.

    I know exactly what you're saying in this paragraph. I've had the exact same feelings. Good luck to ya. I just started this past Friday and am really hoping to be done with acne forever.
  13. letsgetthisoverwith

    Accutane Log (21, M, Moderate Acne)

    Day 3 So today is the third day since I took my first accutane pill. I can't wait 'til I can add a zero to the end of that....or two. So far it's been the same old, same old. Surprise, I still have acne. Really though, I have gotten a few pimples on my left cheek....and a few on my forehead....and a few near my left nostril....and can feel one coming in on my right cheek. Nothing terrible really. I don't think this is an IB yet. I think it probably has something more to do with stopping t
  14. letsgetthisoverwith

    Accutane Log (21, M, Moderate Acne)

    Thanks for the words everybody. It's good to know that not only are there people that have gone all the way through with accutane, but there are people right in the middle and just beginning as well. Although I am prepared to go through the "this ain't gonna work for me" time period, I am REALLY hoping that this stuff has the same effect on me as it did my brother. He took it a few years ago and said that not only did he not get an IB, but that it started working pretty quickly for him.
  15. letsgetthisoverwith

    Accutane Log (21, M, Moderate Acne)

    Thanks SanLosAng, definitely good to hear from someone in the middle of their course. I just read through your log and hope you're getting over the hump! I am pretty well prepared for the mental battle I think (I hope). I feel like I've gone through similar things with Retin-A and Epiduo. They have the same sort of story surrounding them (bad initial breakout, clearing after 6-8 weeks) but neither of them seemed to get better after months of using them.