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  1. i cleared almost immediatly. my face looked better right away because the bp gave me a tanned look. id say things got better in a week or so and i didnt have that 2nd week breakout people talk about. i used 10 percent bp gl and still do to this day.
  2. to all the people first starting out on the regime or having doubts about trying it, id just like to say it really does work. im one of those people whove tried everything and nothing worked till this. also i have a question. im basically clear besides for the random pimple thatll occasionally pop up here and there. i was left with some scaring and some redmarks that wont go away. my problem now is that ill get these under the skin type things. i dont think theyre the same as the skin colored b
  3. by your pic you look like your 98 pounds wet, kid. this is the only place youre telling anyone to shut the fuck up
  4. yah every chance i get. like 5 minutes every other day. besides, i already know ill probably get banned from here so you guys can continue to support eachother in being lame people.
  5. ohhh he got "surrounded by cops". if thats the worse thing to happen in all of your lives, you need this board. to support eachother being pussies. and polkadots. a YES or NO question. have YOU tried the regimen?
  6. you know what. i read this board from time to time and sometimes theres some really good threads, not just about acne but about anything. but most of the time this place is just some little ass kids looking for attention. thats why i came off like that, i guess i shouldnt of. im sorry, i didnt mean to offend everybody.
  7. and thats great, one person replied with "ive tried the regimen". everyone else just started crying(on the other threads). just leads me to beleive that those people havent tried it even.
  8. like i said, the people who havent tried the regimen.
  9. but it is that easy for just about everyone who follows it correctly. have you given it a try? most people on the emo board havent even tried it but want to come on here and cry and be gay. if thats what you want in 2005, word. whatever. i could careless.
  10. i thought he used accutane before he came up with the regimen? either way, im talking about the people who havent tried it yet. and yes, i was one of those people who "tried everything and nothing worked". who knows. 2005 could be a better year for you guys. i know it will be for me. whats to lose?
  11. have seriously tried the regimen? if you havent, and youre sick of being on here crying about the same things over and over again, why not give it a try? i know this sucks, and i can relate. but you have to take action or things will never change. i challenge those who havent tried the regimen to give it a try this year.