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  1. Morgan9181

    Second Day Of Meds

    Well, today is the second day of using Bactrim, BP facial wash, Retin A and Clindamycin gel. Yesterday, before I started these meds, I had 3 cysts on my right cheek and one on my left temple. I also had about 4 running along my left jaw line. This morning when I woke up all of them had shrunk significantly! YAY! My face is feeling pretty dry but that's minor compared to having acne all over my face. I'm just ready to have clear skin for the first time in a long time.
  2. Morgan9181

    New To This Site

    Well, I went to the dermatologist today and she prescribed me Bactrim, Clendamycen gel, Retin A, and a BP facewash. I'm looking forward to trying these medications and hopefully will see some results. I'm so over having acne (8 years is waaaay too long). Has anyone tried these medications before? If so, how did you like them?
  3. This made me want to cry because I know how you feel. I've had acne since 9th grade (I'm now 22) and guys in school would make fun of me to my face. All though my face is not quite as bad as it was then, I still have crazy self-esteem issues because of my acne. I will not leave the house without makeup because I would probably break down and cry if people saw how bad it was without it. People without acne have no idea what kind of an emotional toll we acne sufferers have to go through.