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  1. My acne has been in the forefront of my mind lately, even more than usual. I'm just now starting to get over a really horrible breakout on my chin. I'm trying some new products, I'm eating better, exercising more, all that good stuff. But my mind has been wandering through the last two decades of my life that acne has taken over, and I thought of something that happened when I was about 15 years old. It still makes me cringe, but I wanted to share it and encourage anyone else who stumbles upon t
  2. I am a 32 year old female with primarily hormonal acne (chin area, mostly around "that time of the month"). It has become pretty severe. Just wondering if anyone has had success with Paula's Choice Clear? Or any of her other lines? I've tried taking a more gentle approach to acne/skincare, and I've tried her Hydralight line, which is nice, but doesn't seem to be doing much... Thanks!!!
  3. Some background: I am a 32 year old female. I started with mild acne at age 11 and have been dealing with it in some way, shape, or form ever since. I have had times of clear skin and I was on cloud nine. Then the acne would come back and the depression would creep in. I got my first cyst at age 23 and have had them off and on ever since. Currently, my acne is the worst it has been in my adulthood. After Christmas, my chin area started breaking out in regular pimples. Then the cysts star
  4. RJT623

    Considering A Change

    Just found your post and wanted to chime in! For reference, I am a 32 year old female with persistent hormonal chin acne. I'll spare you my history, but I started using Olay Regenerist products about 3 weeks ago, and I love them! However, I still incorporate benzoyl peroxide on my chin area because if I don't use it, I pay for it. I used to use so many products with BP and I think I was overdoing it, but I find if I still use a BP lotion (at night only), then it keeps my chin breakouts a
  5. Acne runs in my family, both sides, male and female. However, I'm the only one who still has it as an adult...almost 33 years old. It's hard, but when I'm at a family gathering and I glance around at everyone, I see that we all have some sort of personal physical struggle - most of them with their weight, some with other skin issues like eczema or psoriasis, others with alcohol or drugs, miserable relationships. Boy, what a mess we must look like! I hate that I still struggle with acne at th
  6. I'm glad you joined this site, because you will find lots of support here. We can all relate to each other to some degree. My heart breaks for you in regards to the way your family has treated you. I also experienced unsolicited advice from family, but never downright cruelty! That is disgraceful. I would open up to your husband about how you're feeling. You may be surprised at how sensitive and understanding he will be. I am 32 and I met my husband when I was 19. My acne wasn't t
  7. I've tried lots of the OTC products out there. Have had bouts of clear skin in my life, but the acne always comes back. After lots of research, I'm considering trying Paula's Choice Skin Balancing line. I'm 32, have terrible hormonal acne on my chin, right now I have 4 cysts that are painful and inflamed. Working on diet and supplement changes too. Just wondering if anyone has tried this? Thanks!
  8. That's what we're all here for, right? To be supporitve and helpful...most of us haven't found that anywhere else but here. So if I provided that for you, I'm glad From what I understand, saw palmetto is pretty safe, so you should be okay. I have an appointment with my doctor in April, so I'll talk to her then. Take care!
  9. I guess I should probably talk to my doctor...she knows I'm struggling with persistent hormonal chin acne, and she's usually pretty open to "alternative" treatments. Maybe she can tell me if taking saw palmetto is too risky. I've heard so many great things about it, I really want to try it! Congrats to you I'm happy for you that you're seeing results, and thanks for sharing with the rest of us!!!
  10. Are you taking saw palmetto and birth control pills? I read somewhere on here that saw palmetto can affect bcp...I''m dying to try saw palmetto, but I don't want to risk the effectiveness of my bcp...my husband and I have two kids and we're not interested in anymore, lol Any thoughts?
  11. Thank you for sharing your deeply personal struggle with acne. I think a lot of us can relate to some extent, and you will find lots of support here. As far as calling out sick because of a breakout...been there, done that. My husband is very supportive and tries his best to understand, but when I've called out because of it...I know he thinks I'm overreacting. But unless you've been through it, you just don't understand.
  12. RJT623

    New Board Suggestion

    I totally agree about restricting sun exposure. I am very fair skinned and I have always been diligent about avoiding the sun, and I know it has been key
  13. RJT623

    New Board Suggestion

    I would definitely be interested...being almost 33 years old and still dealing with acne, I'm also looking into anti-aging skincare that won't aggravate my acne-prone skin. Great idea!
  14. Thank you all for sharing . I think it helps to know that others have had similar experiences.
  15. RJT623

    The real cause and cure for chronic acne

    For me, acne is a multi-faceted ailment triggered by lots of factors. I do know that when I try to forget about it and accept it, that it seems to improve...definitely have to focus on the power of positive thinking
  16. @jabberwocky80 - Those are definitely some rough situations that you experienced ;(. I think the worst was the one involving your in-laws...they should have defended you and put that girl in her place! @RedRuby - Mortifying! I love how everyone thinks they know how to cure acne...and most of these people never had acne!
  17. @AyeAye - What a bittersweet story...that he encouraged you to remove your makeup, but then was kind of shocked. But it sounds like you had a good few years together! I'm enjoying these stories too
  18. Great to know! Thanks
  19. RJT623

    Happy To Be Here

    Welcome to you both. I can honestly say that you will find this site supportive and informative
  20. RJT623

    Its Killing Me Inside

    I'm glad you joined this forum for support, because it really helps! I am 32 and have been battling acne since age 11...I'm sure you don't want to hear that, you're probably thinking "does it ever go away?". I'm still asking that question myself... Like most of us on here, I've tried so many regimens and treatments. Right now I'm doing a basic skincare system, cleaning up my diet, adding some supplements, drinking lots of water, and exercising more. None of these will cure my acne, but toge
  21. I know this is an older thread, I'm just really curious if anyone still uses this regimen and if it's still working for them? Thanks!
  22. @Someclearday - I can totally understand how you feel...but maybe you could still pursue a job in a derm's office...I think your best attribute for working in that environment would be the empathy and understanding that you can provide the patients with @AmbitousOne - sorry for the debut of a new cyst at the bank...I think we've all had those moments where we can feel one popping up and feel a bit defeated But good for you for laughing it off! Thank you all for sharing your stories a
  23. I tried it for a few weeks...it wasn't right for me .
  24. RJT623

    Winter Weather

    I don't use Dan's regimen, but I do experience dry skin/flakiness in the winter (even though I have oily skin as a rule). Bring Spring!