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  1. Thanks. I will ask them. And it's okay with me if it hurts more.
  2. I'd like to add. I have about 2.5 raised scars on my left nostril. The scars are years old, and I can add that dermarollling has helped with the appearance, but I stopped doing that, so my bump didn't stay flat. Another thing that I have heard that works good for raised/hypertrophic scarring is silicon scar sheets after the dermarolling when the scar has started to flatten out some and lose volume. My scar looks much better than it did when I first got it, but I want it to look like re
  3. Hello I have a few raised scars on my nose in the form of bumps, and I want to get my nose pierced... Has anyone had this problem before? I haven't gotten acne on my nose in years, but I have a few old scars that now look like little deformation blobs on the left side of my nose, and that is the side that I want to get pierced. I should probably get the right side done, but I don't want that side pierced. To get it pierced or not to get it pierced? I searched for this qu
  4. Up until I used a lotion on my face my skin used to be moderately oily. Now only my t-zone gets slightly oily. I'm kind of saddened though.. I hope it gets back to how it used to be. U_U