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  1. woops, i got the website mixed up for where i saw the other brand of CP serum, shall have to search around and find it again.
  2. I experienced the same problem with Skinbio. Ordered CP serum and eye cream, waited over 6 weeks, e-mailed them a number of times, did not get any response, finally called them....they then told me that it had been re-shipped (never received any sort of confirmation e-mail that it had been re-shipped, lady on the phone was also very short), waited another 5 weeks, did not receive anything, e-mailed them twice for a refund, nothing yet. I am short $75.00 because of Skinbio, will not ever shop w
  3. not sure which part of Canada you are in, but you can try Capers (Vancouver). It's an organic type store. Or try a health/vitamin store..I've seen some stock the Queen Helene mask, however, it's the mud mask. Only seen the mint mask at Capers. If your health store stocks the mud mask, perhaps you can ask them to order the mint mask..best of luck!!
  4. ryan - u need to find some sort of a moisturiser to use during the day which has a SPF...u otherwise risk pigmentation. I tried the neutrogena healthy skin with spf and found it very oily. I am now using their ultra sheer dry-touch sunblock spf 30...it provides a matte finish...perhaps u could try this...they also have spf 45 but i've found that anything over 30 gets a bit more greasy, also i don't spend that much time in the sun so 30 is sufficient for me best of luck
  5. okay, i found a bit more information for you... "The ladies should choose water-base non-comedogenic cosmetics and avoid birth- control pills that contain androgenic progestogens such as norethisterone, norgestrol, norgestrienone, lynestrenol and medroxy progesterone acetate. Check with your doctor if the pill seems to be making acne worse.. " "Using a less androgenic progestogen.....may reduce the incidence of androgenic effects such as acne or greasy skin." Check your BCP and see if y
  6. Hi I've had the same experience with BCP causing horrific breakouts..not just little pimples, but cystic acne. I used to have the most beautiful complexion b4 i started on bcp. One thing I can tell you is to look at the type of progestin in your pill...I can't find the website anymore but there was this one website that said that some pills contain a 'male' type progestin - causing acne and increasing facial hair, and then there are 'female' type progestins. Speak to your doctor about this
  7. i've used the SD range for discoloration... the complexion corrector, I have to agree, did help with my hyperpigmentation and the brown spots. Within a week, i noticed a change. My pores were also greatly refined, their exfoliators did help with this. It is a good range, but very costly. Their complexion corrector also left me a bit dry and flaky so I would recommend a good moisturiser. They gave me about three samples of their other products which I also enjoyed very much. Overall, good r
  8. Has anybody had any problems ordering from skinbio.com, it's been over a month now since they shipped out my CP order and I have not received it, i've e-mailed them 3 times with no response...they were so quick to respond when i asked them about their products, but now nothing?? have i been ripped off?
  9. thanks...just ordered the CP serum, hope it works
  10. I've seen that you recommend Copper Peptides from skinbio.com. Do you recommend any particular product that's worked for you? I've been on the site and the number of products available is just overwhelming. I'm looking for something to help with discoloration, minor scarring and first age lines. I've just started the tape method as well, it's almost addictive!!!
  11. can i ask are u male or female? if female, are u on birth control pills? i found that when i went on a particular kind of bcp, it messed up my hormones real bad and that's when i broke out big time
  12. no advice on the pill popping part, but with regards to no sunscreen, i would highly recommend you use it, acne or no acne. you're still young now and you may not see any damage right now, but trust me, the damage will start to show once you reach your mid-20's. Sun damage will then be another skin battle you will have to fight, not to mention potential skin cancers. sun damage does not look pretty
  13. I'm actually originally from Down Under, so I've only ever tried Nivea and Ponds. Currently in North America but haven't tried any T/M here. U know, Revlon makes a really light foundation...i think it's called Even Out Complexion, it's very sheer just like a t/m..it also has spf 20, saves u from lathering on an spf...they have a huge range of shades
  14. I've found that if my foundation gets cakey, it's because of the dry skin that's built up from the drying out process of B/P. What you need to probably do is gently buff off the dead layers of skin, whichever method you choose is up to you. Foundation needs a smooth even layer to sit nicely on your skin. It will never look even and smooth if you have dead layers of dry flakey skin on top. I read the previous post, Ponds T/M will work well to hide the flakeys as it's a moisturiser, whenever y