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  1. I took a picture of what I will be using for my Micro-needling if you guys have any questions let me know. 1.5 mm dermaroller $17.00 Infadolan (vit. A & D ointment), 30 g tube $9.00 Vitamin C (20 g / 0.7 oz) $3.00 Vitamin C serum bottle (empty) $6.00 A-Ret cream 0.05%, 30 g / 1 oz. (Retinoic acid, Tretinoin)
  2. These pictures were taken today 3/17/2013 to show you guys what I look like since I first started the needling on Friday night. On Saturday I used the suction method on the scars I had needled. Today Sunday I used the suction method once more. I plan on doing it everyday for a week. Then every other day for another week.
  3. I wanted to take several pictures so you can see the effects that lighting has on the appearance of my scars. If you look at the pictures the scarring is more visible at different angles and different lights. These pictures were all taken in the same setting with the same camera. I have decided to start Micro-Needling after months of research. I will keep everyone posted Thanks!
  4. You are taking ziana? .025 tretinoin? They say it takes 1 month before you start seeing better results and approximately 4-6 months to see great results. Your skin will get worse for the first month or so because your skin cell turnover is increased because of Tretinoin and your acne is coming to the surface at a much faster rate. Hang in there girl.
  5. Scarface1988

    My left cheek

    Hey your skin looks good man. You might have some minor scars but overall I say you look fine. Feel free to look at my gallery.
  6. hey man you looking clear. I see you have some scars(As do I). Have you looked at getting scar treatment?