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  1. Ok I just finsished a course of accutane, it was an absoloute pleasure and I would happily stay on for another year if they let me!!! Ok, I am now aware my skin will return close to normal within the next month, healing will start again and I am well aware there is no better time and now to start looking an creams which will help heal my scars. I have some bright red ones on my temple, which I know will calm down but I want to give them a helping hand. I also know that a retinoid type tr
  2. I'm hoping after my course is done j can eat dairy again without turning pily and cysty, what's the chances?
  3. I feel nauseated for an hour after I take my pills each day
  4. They certainly can be permanent, a mate of mine is covered in them and hes in his 30's
  5. I am a competitive weightlifter and dairy is was causes my cystic acne. I don't consume any sort of protein supplement, it is not needed, the alternatives are pea, rice, hemp etc which are mentioned above, these are poor quality sources of protein. Your a girl, you will not be need large amounts of protein and being realistic, men consume much more protein than necessary when trying to bulk up and do not get enough carbs/fats which are more important. Just train hard, eat quality veg
  6. I know so many people who use accutane each year after running cycles of testosterone for competitiive weightlifting, when you come of the test and your bloods change, some people break out, horribly and I mean so bad I have seen one lifter with easily over 1000 cysts all over his back. I also know guys who run accutane at 20mg, once a week, every week, of the year, to keep their skin that wee bit drier so they do not get spots and it works for them. So many people blame acne for making
  7. Your spending far to much time looking in the mirror if you are noticing a very small ingrown hair.
  8. Everyone gets older, everyone ages, its a part of life. Paracetemol can mess you up, drinking alcohol can mess you up, smoking cigarettes can mess you up. Enough of the scaremongering.
  9. Bare in mind you need blood tests and results before they will give it to you I asked for mine to be done before I seem my derm, so I could show him the results and get the accutane straight away. I don't know what it's like in England but here in Northern Ireland you have to wait 16 weeks for a derm appointment! By the time you are seen you are scarred for life
  10. You will get it, on my 4th day of treatment on the nhs myself
  11. Extra virgin olive oil is your friend, as are 100% nut butters ie nothing but crushed nuts. Low fat diets IMO ate not optimal for health.
  12. For me duac and all these other gels are great for spots, but not acne. Deep rooted acne, which contiues to flare up needs accutane.
  13. Fat is healthy, transfats are not, big difference. I drink olive oil like water for weightlifting cals and my overall cholesterol is much lower than the average in my country.
  14. Age:26 Sex:Male Accutane:40mg a day weight:180 pounds How long until I notice side effects, I am praying that my muscles and joints do not hurt this time.