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  1. Hey Aana, I'm 27 female and I experienced both red marks and hyperpigmentation. For the post-acne red marks, I use pure Vitamin E oil wich helps them heal faster (thought maybe not in a matter of weeks...). Unfortunately, they take time... But for hyperpigmentation (brown spots), my dermatologist prescribed a topical tretinoin cream and it works wonders!! I started of with 0,05% so that my skin adapts and went on with 0.1% afterwards. Your skin will progressively peel off and new skin will c
  2. Hey everyone! I also started to have bad acne after stopping the pill What an awful thing it is! I've tried litteraly EVERYTHING from oral antibiotics to topical antibiotics and retin-A, to creams and over the counter treatments. At what point, I was wondering if anything would ever work for me. I was having more and more clogged pores and a couple of cysts on my chin. My skin had always been fine, that's a first...at 27 years old! I just started Accutane (20mg daily) a month ago and it s
  3. Hi! Thanks for your answer It seems to get better on some areas (forehead and cheeks) but worse on my chin...Hope it'll heal fast and be getting all better soon Was your acne also caused by stopping the pill? I wonder if Accutane works well for hormonal related acne (which seems to be my case since I never broke out that bad before). Will talk to my dermatologist this week and keep you posted of his answers Stay strong!
  4. Hey! Just started low dose Accutane 33 days ago (20mg/day), I completely understand how you feel, it's so hard at times just to go out when you have bad skin ( I thought I'd use my own experience to answer your questions 1) Do you get an initial breakout? What are the chances of this? How long does it last? My initial breakout started in the second week and I feel like it's still there...But maybe it's just my skin clearing up now. I think it depends how «clogged» are your pores before you
  5. Hey everyone! I'm 27 and started having problems with my skin ever since I stopped taking the pill (tried them all...Yasmin, Alesse, OrthoTriCyclen...). Basically, I don't want to go down that road again and I want to «clear my skin» and cure my body once and for all. I had small comedones on my forehead and more and more cysts on the chin area (wich has always been my problem area but never this bad...). So I started Accutane 33 days ago (week 5) and I'm still breaking out really bad on