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  1. Today is the start of my 15th week and I am ALMOST clear! Still get one here and there but its getting better. DONT GIVE UP! Keep using it. I lost hope but still used it and Im HAPPY I did!

    1. lynettenicole

      Start of week 8

      Mostly just scars. Break out with a few pimples. Not completely clear yet but ALMOST there! :)
    2. lynettenicole

      Dans Regimen

      Dans cleanser, treatment, and moisturizer!
    3. Today is the start of my 3rd week :) Im liking the results so far! Cant wait to see what Ill look like two months from now!

      1. Its only been a week today and I see results! :) Haaapppyyyy :))

        1. I have no idea how to upload pictures o here. I would like to show my success, if there is any. Someone please help!! It would be GREATLY appreciated
        2. Help! Im new and I need to know how you post pictures. This is so hard to use :(

          1. Aw I was prescribed with that by my dermatologist. Hasnt really worked for me really. Just make sure you take the pills as said! Because when I didnt take those I really broke out /: Hope it works for you tho!
          2. I am suffering acne on my shoulders big time right now. Well actually only on one shouler. The other one isnt too bad. it looks like a glob of red bumps So gross. I cant even wear cute clothes because I dont want anyone seeing it. Is there anything that helps get rid of it? I really have no idea why one shoulder is waaay worse than the other. Also I have been getting chest and neck acne! Whats the best way to clear that upp??I havent tried the regimen yet but I plan on buying it within the next