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  1. Great mindset you got there, I never really think that positively. I just think it'll past when I'm 16 or 17 like it did for my brother and cousin. You are stronger than acne, so hang in there kitty!
  2. If it's that painful and makes you feel that insecure, then try the safe popping method (with a needle and tissue paper, after a shower)
  3. Wow, first let me start off by saying what beautiful writing this was. Second, i know what you're going through, but it's slightly worse because my parents sort of blame me for my acne, so I have little support from them. I remember one time over the summer my face was BAD and I kept popping and making, leaving scars and craters. i barely went out and stayed in my room all day. The saddest day of my acne life has got to be when I realized it had spread not only to my back, chest, and neck, but
  4. I hate to look at myself in the mirror also and think "Ugh, you're ugly" every time I do. I've had acne since I was in the fourth grade and I wish i would've appreciated my skin more and taken better care of it when I was younger because now I seriously regret not doing so. i'mma try going on the regimen but only have a benzoyl peroxide facial WASH at the moment. It cleared up my skin two years ago quite nicely, but I stopped using it. Now I'm also trying to get rid of these unattractive dark s
  5. I know how you feel gurl, I can barely look myself in the mirror because of all the scars and bumps all over my face. I'm trying the Clear Skin Diet (Google it if you'd like) and am using Benzoyl Peroxide. You've probably heard this before, but drink lots of water! 6-8 cups. I'm trying, but find that I have to pee a lot But, the things I will do to clear my skin . . . Anyway, hope yours clears up. Don't give up hope, it won't last forever!