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  1. Thanks for the replies...I think I will send her a link to this site, looks like there is a lot of useful information here. What I probably have the hardest time with is her seemingly lack of care to even take care of the problem, which is a viscious cycle with her self esteem. She just started on an anti biotic for an ear infection that popped up. I said maybe this would be a good time to start using the gel and I even asked her if I left it on bathroom counter as a reminder if that would be ok
  2. My 15 yr old daughter has struggled with moderate to severe acne for the past couple of years. In april of 2012 I took her to the peditrician and she prescribed an anti-biotic and a gel(Zianna 60mg) She used both of these at first and it did seem to help quite a bit. She has really started to flare up pretty bad the last 6 months. When I remind her that I think maybe she should try to start using the gel again she becomes upset with me. She will not even wash her face at night anymore. She i