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  1. Your looking for something that's about the size of your thumb nail (and bigger) hard and painful to touch, looks like a big lump, I know some people who've never seen one think that a large spot can sometimes be a cyst, guy I kinda knew in high school had cystic, really red and angry looking lumps on his face, he told me they feel like someone's constanty got a finger poked in his cheek sooooo... hope this helps a little.
  2. Hey XGamerX, do you still take the B5 at all in any doseage? I'm sat infront of my vitamins etc. I'm taking roughly 200% RDA of A,C,D,E, B1, B2, B6, B12 (%1200 of this,) and then again 200% RDA of zinc, iron etc. in total 32 vitamin and mineral sources all in one capsule (each one has 100% RDA of the above, taking them twice a day) Also sat infront of me is 500mg Pantothenic Acid (B5) I'm not going to mega dose on this cause I can't be bothered really at £10 for 90 capsules heh. So, (th
  3. Alcohol can worsen it, dehydrates your bodt or something, I always get a few new spots after a night out drinking.
  4. from the pictures I wouldn't call those cystic :-s I used to get the same more or less, kid who went to my school had cystic acne, the size of your thumb (not just the nail)
  5. My god, find me one bit of evidence that it's harmeful to the body (im talking major illness etc not the bloody shits) and I'll retract my comment. Until then if it works don't knock it.
  6. Yeah, don't let it beat you and kill off what you like doing, if you let it etch away at your life then soon you'll be avoiding people, not looking at them, not going out etc. that's no kinda of life with or without acne. Do your tennis, don't wear makeup if your worried about people knowing. and trust me, once it graps you into it's downward spiral it's VERY hard to break the cycle.
  7. Take the mino pills, 4 weeks about until it kicked in for me, use 2.5% BP and floow the regimen EXACTLY, this had me clear in no time at all, all good and well me saying that I'm aware everyone is different, however I strongly suggest trying the regimen.
  8. Didn't say that if you read it again, if he keeps doing what hes doing then it should stay static, it wont hurt taking it but if he stops then it COULD be a factor which might make it worse. So basically... shurrup
  9. IMO keep taking it, if you alter something now then it might come back, I'd play it safe, no harm in taking B5 for prolonged periods so long as you don't exceed 10 grams a day.
  10. Nope, altho not for prolonged periods, I have to look away at something or it feels strange, nothing to do with acne tho, just my eyes crave new stimulation... or something :-s
  11. Nivean shaving foam for sensetive skin for me.
  12. Nivea sensetive skin shaving foam, wilkinson sword fx performer, and every other day usually.