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  1. Ava110

    Acne photo diary

    Documenting my acne daily to see if I find there is an improvement when I improve my diet
  2. I know Exactly what you mean too!!! Not wanting to go out because of people noticing acne, not wanting to put on makeup because it just seems to make spots/cysts even more noticeable, not wanting to be in anyone's company ! Longing for the day when my acne goes!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm just after making an account, I have known about the site for a while and thought I'd take the leap and join seeing as my acne has taken a turn for the worse lately. I'm 16 and started getting acne when I was about 13-14. I can never remember having perfect skin which saddens me seeing as all of my friends have amazing clear faces (grrr) I have been on 3 types of antibiotics for my skin over the passed 3 years. All of them are great at first but eventually they become
  4. Hey there! I know exactly how you feel trust me I know how horrible it is, especially if your like me and have friends who eat tonnes of junk and still have skin like porcelain! Anyways I just made an account in this too and in my opinion what the others have mentioned - eating clean, drinking lots of water etc - sounds like the best bet at this stage. Hopefully it'll work, I also would recommend for you to take supplements like zinc, vitamin c, vitamin e, fish oil, all meant to be good for