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  1. elliew8

    I Need "no Picking" Buddies!

    Hey guys and girls, I'm a bit slow on the uptake here because I haven't been online much recently...everyone seems like they are doing really well I completely understand what you're going through because I've been there. For me picking is one of those things that never really goes away, but I've been pretty good recently and I think it may be due to the fact I got a kitten...I appreciate that sounds strange but it's honestly helped me in a weird way! I'll explain...all the things I've trie
  2. Hey, just read this thread from the beginning and it seems like we are going through similar situations, and I wouldn't wish this upon even my worst enemy but it is nice to know someone understands. I feel like I know exactly how you feel, I've had those moments spending ages covering up your skin and glimpsing yourself in the mirror just before you go out and feeling completely consumed by it the whole time you're out. I've wasted so many hours of my life picking at my skin, willing all of
  3. Hey, I just wanted to share some of the success I've been having with witch hazel. I've been using it for around 2 months and wanted to wait before recommending it because I wanted to check that it's not a temporary measure. Just a bit of back story: I've had acne since I was about 13 so going on 9 years now, I've been prescribed antibiotics which didn't noticeably affect my acne and then went onto use Yasmin birth control, which has reduced the frequency of my breakouts. I've also had consi
  4. My parents used to call me a Parakeet because, before I developed an opposition to mirrors, I would be constantly checking my reflection. What they didn't know is that I mirror checked not because I liked what I saw, but because I was seeking reassurance that I was "suitable for public". If I didn't look then I would be constantly anxious and completely absorbed in negative thinking. It's definitely an OCD behavior that most people, including our families, won't understand. It's completely true.
  5. elliew8

    Stopping The Birth Control Pill Log

    hey, good luck with this...there have been a lot of horror stories about the side effects of coming off the pill so hats off! I panic every time i think about it hope you avoid these though, let us know what products you are using
  6. elliew8

    Picked At Acne...now What?

    you're fine, it's probably got some residual puss left in it but your body will get rid of it in a few days and the mark will probably be gone within a week (in my experience)...also cocoa butter is amazing but i wouldn't put it on my face either (although you can get specific versions for face only) but my boyfriend puts it on his face and it doesn't adversely affect him - maybe try it on an inconspicuous test patch area first (under your jaw or hairline)
  7. me and my boyfriend both have oily skin and i don't think it has ever come up in a conversation...however since he doesn't have acne and only washes his face in the shower every couple of days, sometimes his face looks a bit greasy (he prefers 'glowing' lol) and i tell him to go wash! that's a hygiene thing more than a superficial thing though, it's never been a turn off personally...just remember that oily skin tends to be quite soft (one of few benefits!) so i do touch my boyfriend's face a bi
  8. ah i know what everyone means about trying different mirrors because some are more flattering (which i sometimes need if i have a chance of ever leaving the house!) and some that are very harsh which just sends me into massive depression/ anxiety. does anyone else ever feel really vain about looking in the mirror so much? my brother has said to me before that he didn't realise i was insecure about my skin since i constantly wanted to look at it...makes sense really - i explained it's like watchi
  9. ah i know how you feel about picking....even though it's bad it's like my hands just don't trust my body to get rid of the crap under my skin quick enough or at a convenient time (ie not on the day of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc! :@ ) it's so frustrating when I do it to stuff that wasn't event remotely inflamed until I messed with it...we know it's bad and completely frutile but that doesn't make it any less tempting to take matters into our own hands *excuse the pun! Like a lot of th
  10. elliew8

    Acne after stopping birth control pills

    Oh dear, this thread is pretty scary... I've been on Yasmin for 7 years (15-22) and have managed to stop using benzoyl peroxide (bleaches everything in sight and ages skin) and just use soap and witch hazel which seems to keep my acne relatively under control. The problem is I've been wondering about the side effects of coming off of the pill, mainly because there is an increased risk of DVT with Yasmin (runs in my family) and I'm curious about the future when I do decide to have kids. I can't e
  11. ah I do this all the time...feel like mirrors should have a WARNING WARNING alarm if I get too close to them because it's just not the reality that everyone else sees. Compacts are the worst though, I always look in the magnified side and feel depressed, but even when I flip it onto the normal zoom mirror I still zero in on the little stuff I've actually taken the bulb out of the light above my bathroom mirror and it's really broken the habitual side of picking for me...I'll still pick in other
  12. I agree with Tim714, mine almost always become cyst-like if I mess with them so it's not worth the risk...I always extract them when they become inflamed though because it's a lot easier and reduces the swelling straight away.
  13. I have lots of these and I'd say that when I was using BP 90% of the time they became inflamed. I would suggest being patient though because if you try to extract them when they aren't inflamed it's A LOT more difficult to successfully get rid of all of it and will most likely become inflamed by messing with it, whereas if it becomes inflamed on its own I pretty much always easily extract them with only a tiny dot from lancing it with a small sewing needle. On the other hand, I'm no longer usin
  14. elliew8

    Pimple? Boil? Cyst? (Picture)

    That makes a lot of sense really! I've tried putting BP on a really big spot before and managed to burn the skin quite badly, but I haven't tried a small amount on a small spot so I might have to try it in future...thanks for the tip Also, personally I've found with aloe vera that it really soothes on application but then tightens/ dries out the skin quite a lot. It has healed some scabs quickly but I only use it when I'm not using concealer because it makes the spot too flakey to cover!
  15. elliew8

    Pimple? Boil? Cyst? (Picture)

    It looks like a pimple to me, but if it's really painful it might be a cyst? I would definitely pop these! If they have a head then it's almost like your body has done 99% of the work and brought everything to the surface but needs that 1% help to actually get rid of it! Out of curiosity how long do these take to heal by themselves? If it's less than a week, it's probably not worth picking because a scab would last that long anyway. Also, I'm no expert here so correct me if I'm wrong but I t