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    Hi Dan, I just remembered about the Clear Skin Regimen, and how much it did for my skin when I was on it. I still have a bottle of BP gel, and I'm going to get started again tonight. I just wanted to thank you for the great product.
  2. I think I'm going to look into sulphur for my skin. Thanks for the info!
  3. Are you having a hard time getting it to soak in?
  4. I wipe. It's a bit irritating, but all that oil makes my forehead look cueball-ish.
  5. I use Triaz 6% BP pads. They actually are a BP topical, just in a pad form. I don't know that you'll get better results in terms of the burning, but it certainly won't hurt to get a prescription and some samples. There's also a BP wash, so maybe you could try that as well.
  6. I am also sorry that Tazorac was not helpful to you. It is so strange how reactions can be so different. My sons are doing well with Taz .05%. It is in fact their second time around for the med. They are seeing more improvement and little to no irritation by waiting to apply the medicine when skin is totally dry, 30 min or more after washing. This made a world of difference. Also, I've found that moisturizing lightly after washing (and waiting at least 20 min for applying Taz) and by heavi
  7. Put enough on to cover your face. Put about a pea-sized amount on your forefinger, then dab all over your face (3 spots on forehead, 1 on nose, 2 on chin, etc.) If when you rub it in, some areas are still "dry," try some more, but just a dab. The taz cream .05% is rather mild, but it did give me the itchies big time. I went to using the gel after my skin got used to the cream for better results, so if you aren't getting results try changing to the gel rather than using more of the cream on yo
  8. Plush

    Plush's New Log

    I'm still sticking with my regimen. I also added some BP (6% Triaz pads) in the morning. It doesn't dry out my skin like I expected. My forehead actually gets repulsively oily, but I wipe it off during the day. The taz is causing my skin to peel a lot and there was a couple of nights that the taz felt so painfully itchy on my skin I wanted to cry. I will be bumping it up to .1% tazorac from .05% in about 3 weeks, so I hope that transition is painless. I'm still getting blemishes, mainly ar
  9. Plush

    Plush's New Log

    Update: I used Taz .05% cream for 3 weeks, and have been using the gel for one week. The gel is really working on my skin. I have so much skin shedding around my chin, I really am a bit grossed out, but I'm happy it's gone and can't clog my pores any more. Every morning, I have large patches of dead skin shedding off my chin, cheeks and jaw line. The Clarisonic brush helps slough off some of the skin and relieves the itchies. After I get the dead skin off, the skin underneath is really sof
  10. Having used both the cream and the gel, I can tell you that my skin reacted totally differently to the gel (dry, lots of peeling) and the cream (oily). If you find the cream makes your skin greasy, try out the gel. The doc only gave me a few samples of the cream to get my skin acclimated b/f using the gel, which is very potent and works quickly. I have very little acne left after using taz for 4 weeks.
  11. Plush

    Plush's New Log

    I got it at the Medi-spa, but you could definitely find it on-line. It makes me look forward to washing because it feels so nice on my skin.
  12. Plush

    Plush's New Log

    My face is really sore. A friend of mine thought I had been tanning, not good. I will probably stretch the taz cream to last 2 more weeks, then go to the gel, instead of going to the gel next week. The gel is supposed to be more effective, but more drying. I don't know how some folks are using Taz .1%. It's brutal!!!
  13. Plush

    Plush's New Log

    The taz is finally getting to my skin. I just washed w/ the salicylic acid wash and it burned quite a bit. I'm still going to do my dose of taz tonight, but i don't think i will wash again tomorrow morning. I will just splash w/ cold water, and hopefully the irritation will not cause any major initial breakouts.
  14. Plush

    Plush's New Log

    I messed up today! I gave my skin a rest from the tazorac last night because the itching was so bad. I also had a reception to go to and felt that I had to have some foundation on. I only wore it for about 5 hours though, so hopefully it won't be much of a setback.
  15. Plush

    Plush's New Log

    Lots of peeling across my nose, but no where else. Well at least I'll have a pretty nose... No "it'll get worse" breakouts so far. I'm keeping with the cream for one more week, then moving on to the gel. The gel is supposed to work better, but she started me on the cream because it is supposed to be less drying. I get the itchies quite a bit too, but overall I'm tolerating the tazorac well. I like the fact that the salicylic acid is in the wash, not something that I have to leave on the sk