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  1. I also have crazy mood swings because of the pill, but luckily I don't get the migraines.... I run 4x/week 40 minutes and eat extremely carefully. I feel obligated to be on the pill because my acne is extremely hormonal- I only really get pimples during PMS, and I'll go from clear skin to sometimes pretty severe cysts. It's a constant battle and I'd love to know if there are healthier alternatives.
  2. I noticed that I was breaking out instantly like you're describing, and it actually turned out that I was lactose intolerant. Do you notice any digestive issues when you drink milk? Cheese is delicious, I know it totally sucks, and it's very difficult to completely eliminate it- it's in a lot of products you wouldn't expect. I live near a city with great food and love to eat out but have to be super careful because often I'll eat something without realizing it's got some type of dairy additive.
  3. I've had genetic/hormonal acne for most of my life, on and off. I took Accutane over ten years ago and it worked to mostly clear my skin, but unfortunately over the past couple of years I've been going through some emotional trauma and my skin reverted to breakouts. Going back on the birth control pill helped a lot to fix the breakouts, but now I have scarring on my cheeks from fairly recent large cysts. I'm just wondering what my options are, or if I have any for these types of scars. I've g
  4. So I have genetic acne, very severe. I stopped taking Accutane about 12 years ago, my skin cleared for a very loooong time and only recently I've been getting cystic acne again, specifically on my chin and under my jaw on both sides. I have never had acne in either of these places, my scarring is all over my cheeks and temples. The strangest part is that I'm the healthiest I've ever been- I eat little to no dairy, excercise regularly, drink tons of water etc etc. I am curious why I suddenly have