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  1. Well I found that my so called "friend" talks about me to guys as to how ugly I am. That just broke my all my confidence I've been building up for ages.
  2. Well im going on holiday soon to see some relatives I haven't seen in 5 years. What im worried about is how they'll react when the see my face full of marks and some active acne. ......
  3. My acne is doing pretty well... and as for the marks im using lemon juice and it's working. Im just trying really hard to stop my acne from going all horrible again cause I have school in a few days :s
  4. Did your skin dry out the very first time you used it? only a bit like the 1st week I guess I had a bit dry skin but using e45--cream for dry skin-- it really helped and quickly went!
  5. 10% benzoyl peroxide -- I used to have really oily skin but not anymore because it sucks the oil. o.o
  6. 9 huge new spots just feel great! >.< This is so irritating
  7. Well today im going to start doxycycline 100mg with the cream epiduo. Im only really worried about the marks though. So today im feeling quite hopeful to see if this works.
  8. My left cheek looks so horrible. The rest is fine just small marks. My left cheek has one small cyst and a ton of red marks. I feel horrible.
  9. Im feeling a bit crappy today.I've been using benzoyl peroxide for 4 weeks now and my foreheads clear but my cheeks are so horrible. Apparently it takes 8 weeks for benzoyl peroxide to work so I'm just waiting.
  10. The red/brown spots annoy me the most :l

    1. I still believe in god but... I guess I question him sometimes. On some occasions I go ---> Are you even listening to me god? But since I always complain about my acne to my parents it seems like everyone stopped listening.
    2. Qunioderm --- Its starting to work!!

      1. Just started a new cream called quinoderm I really hope it works. As for how im feeling not so great because my left cheek and chin hates me right now.