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  1. Hey all, I've been visiting these forums every now and then, and had a question regarding red marks/hyperpigmentation that I hope someone can clarify for me. I'm currently 24, and had pretty severe cystic acne on both my chest and back from when I was about 16 to around 19 or 20 years old. Right now, my breakouts are pretty much in control, i'll get the occasional blemish every couple of months, but my main problem now are the marks on my back. I was a picker, and while most of the dark mark
  2. Hi, I just found this forum, and after reading a little bit, had a few questions. Whenever I get breakouts, the whole area that was infected turns bright red, and stays like that for 3-7 months. I noticed that some people used vita k cream to help get rid of redness. My first question is does this cream help, and where can you get it? Thanks in advance.