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  1. I should also mention that I started at 80 mg a day, bumped up to 100 for a few weeks but am now bak on 80
  2. Unfortunately, I didn't take a before picture of my back. But I'd say it was moderate cystic acne. I didn't have a ton of cysts everywhere, but I would have about 4 to 5 big, painful ones on my back and shoulders. It got to a point where I would be really ashamed to wear tank tops or go swimming. But now, there are just a couple red spots, no pain, and acne is almost nonexistent. It seemed to me like my back was the first to clear, but it's different for everybody. My initial breakout was t
  3. Before! After! I have three weeks left. I had no depression, suicidal thoughts, irritable bowels, or anything like that. I was/still get very tired sometimes, and I had a terrible initial breakout. I got very dehydrated and dry and I am still a little dry but I have adapted. Still have some acne on my neck that is on its way out but it is pretty much all gone on my back. My face is almost 100% clear, just have some scarring and hyperpigmentation. No painful cysts! Though
  4. My derm told me to stop taking it and I have an appointment Monday. Probably will end up good another month on a lower dose.
  5. Well... Pretty sure I am experiencing some Accutane related hair loss. I'm 18. Not too down about it except that prom is this Saturday. My cowlick has always bugged me and I have always been self conscious about it, but I am fairly positive that my hair is thinning on the back of my head away from my cowlick. It's like the back of my head, not my "crown". No matter what I do it just looks way thinner. And it's not like male pattern baldness, it's weird... I've been on Accutane for almos
  6. How serious is this? I can still see but it seems like my left eye is getting blurry off and on. Before this, they were getting super dry.
  7. So, I've decided to go ahead and take my derm's advice to bump up my dose from 80 to 100. I was very reluctant, but here are my reasons: my acne is only mildly better and I'm 3 months in. I'm still getting small cysts and my neck has barely cleared up. I mean I love the improvement so far I just want it to go away for good, so I figure the worst that can happen is side effects get bad and I lower my dose again. Wish me luck!
  8. I broke out really bad at first with alot of whiteheads. But now, the blackheads on my nose and chine are COMPLETELY gone! It's amazing.
  9. So after my second monthly derm appointment on Accutane, he says that if the big bumps (cysts) aren't gone in two weeks he wants to bump my dose from 80 mg a day to 100 mg a day. Has anyone had a dose this high? It scares me a little bit although I haven't had too many issues with side effects. I had a terrible initial breakout but it has cleared up very fast from that, I can post pictures if necessary.
  10. I am about half way through month 2, my initial breakout is finally over it seems. I'm clearing up, it's still bad and I think I may have a good deal of scarring that I never noticed before because it was always covered with acne. Still, my nose is smooth and free of blackheads, such an amazing feeling! I can even count the number of cysts on my face and they're getting smaller. My side effects are totally manageable. My lips get really dry but not that often, they just seem to peel off every
  11. I hope my skin looks at least as good as yours when I'm done with accutane! Mine is cystic and nodular and it never bothered me but I finally pulled the trigger on it because my face hurt too bad and it got to the point where I wouldn't want to take pictures with my girlfriend. Just decide if its really worth the risk and commitment! Best of luck!
  12. In the past three days, one kid told me that if I wanted to be successful (I'm in a band) then I should try washing my face, a hitchhiker I picked up asked me what I was going to do about my face, and an old lady in Safeway asked me if I had the measles or mumps, while I was with my girlfriend. I hate people!