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  1. Thankyou! Yes I agree that acne gets ignored as a medical problem but for sure if it is severe acne there is a underlying cause. We are talking about health here and not just cosmetic reasons. at the beginning I did notice something strange about how I looked and felt. I had maybe 1 or 2 pimples. I went to the doctor and told them that I did not feel right and they said I looked young and healthy and completely ignored all of my complaints they just wanted to put me on bcp too... I should have g
  2. Yes, it is important to get a check up if your body starts to show signs or symptoms you never had before. Most people spend so much time on the outside like topicals, facials, etc and not looking at the inside where that is the underlying cause to severe forms of acne. I am happy to report that eversince the adrenalectomy, I no longer have the cystic acne just regular pimples now. My skin is getting dry and itchy so i guess i am less oily and less breakouts. I hope it continues to improve. I am
  3. thyroid panel, several different bloodtests for cortisol, urine, saliva
  4. It took two weeks to see the endo, yes both men and women can get cushing's syndrome/ disease though its more common in women. Have you looked at my blog? it lists all the symptoms and has more info/videos. my condition is rare so don't be scared. but still, It is important for you to get your hormone levels checked so you can balance it out. I am in the process of booking surgery right now so my acne is still present but the doctors say that once I get the tumor removed, my cortisol levels will
  5. I went online and found an endocrinologist in my area and made an appointment. Yeah I stopped getting my period and had bad acne and very bad anxiety so I knew something was really wrong bc I use to be a jolly social person and never had acne as a teen. I thought I needed to get on bcp to balance my hormones but a test showed that everything was fine and I had abnormal levels of cortisol which lead to more tests to finally diagnose the tumor.
  6. Well after months of getting off BP and breaking out in severe cystic acne, I went to see an endocrinologist in January to figure out the problem. After months of tests, labs, bloodwork. A cat scan showed I have a tumor on my adrenal gland causing my body to produce too much cortisol which causes cushing's syndrome. condition is very rare it only affects 2 in a million people. And because of excess cortisol it is causing the acne since tests shows I have normal estrogen/ testosterone/ androgen l
  7. what kind of glycolic do you use? It seems all otc stuff is giving me irritation and sensitivity so I am scared to try anything. I m doing aspirin face masks twice a wk but still breaking out. redness has improved since quitting otc products but still very dry acne skin
  8. If you want something that works like BP without making your skin dull, I would get a prescription antibiotic topical such as Clindamyacin or a sulfur/sodium sulfacetamide wash like Prascion. (Do not get Benzaclin or Epiduo...both contain BP). Also use BHA and/or AHA as your skin can handle it. I think I'm going to quit the chemicals even though my face is a mess right now, it probably needs to heal itself before i try anymore stuff. My aunt who's a pharmacist was trying to push me towards benz
  9. oh thankyou so much for all the responses! Atleast there's hope the skin will clear in time... Right now i'm desperate for a solution my skin is so red, pimply, sensitive and so so dry. I've been washing with manuka honey for 3 days and moisturizing with jojoba, its less red and scars are healing but still getting new bumps and still dry. I want to exfoliate my skin but it seems everything otc is just making it drier..
  10. Thankyou for your response, I've been using alba botanica acne line its salicylic acid face wash, gel, then I moisturize with jojoba oil. It was working for a while but now my skin is even more dry and seems as though its been severely dehydrated from the BP it's unable to heal itself..
  11. Hi i've been using the BP regimen religiously for 3 years and I don't want to knock it because it is a miracle for acne but I had to stop because I was still getting cysts but no pimples on the surface and I felt my skin looked unhealthy like it didn't have a glow to it. So, I decided to wean myself off at first it was okay but after two weeks my face exploded with all sorts of acne i've never had before. I use to get maybe 3-4 active spots but now I have maybe 4 cysts, 10 pimples, and millions