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  1. Hi everyone, i'm 20 year old, asian skin, i got acne since i was 13. It was really bad a few years back but when i started the acne regimen, it had completely cleared my acne. I eventually stopped the regimen about two years later, and my acne came back full blown. I got back on the regimen (i actually only use the BP, i use aloe vera for moisturizer, and i don't have a cleanser because i just can't seem to find the right one) and it slowed down the acne but had not competely cleared it, i still
  2. To be honest, i had so much doubt in the regimen when i started. It has been about 3 months since i started, i used to get new white heads everyday, man that was so annoying, NOW i only get about 1-2 acne per month.(they usually go away the next day). all i have now is acne scars and i'am using AHA to hopefully cure it. Really what works for me is not giving up and sticking with it, i was upset for like 2 months after getting into the regimen but eventually it slows down the acne and wallaaa no
  3. So far the regimen has done a really good job, the acne on my cheeks has reduced about 80%. I still have acne around my jawline a bit, and some little here and there, but overall it's slowing down. I still have major scar problems, i have a bunch of brownish marks on both of my cheeks , i been using aha for about 1.5 months. I'm also thinking of switching to another moisterizer rather than dan's because it just cost too much, ideas?
  4. 12th week Since the 10th week, i haven't had any major breakout around my cheek which is really good, i only been having tiny whiteheads around my jawline area, maybe it's working? idk, but i really need to fix my scaring though, i've been using 1/2 moisterizer and 1/2 AHA with alittle Jojoba oil at night every night and then regular moisturizer in the morning. i have a bunch of brown/orangish marks on my cheeks that i need to fade away.
  5. 10th Week I started using AHA at night, and moisterizer in the morning, i also take 3 pill of 1000 IU a day. My face started turning a bit red like i'm getting sun burned, but i don't use AHA in the morning :/, maybe i should stop on the AHA for a bit? idk or maybe because it's the BP without using the jojoba oil with the moisterizer, my face feel like its getting rough again..
  6. 9Th week, that's 3 months wow! sadly i still get random breakouts and then it would stop then i would get whiteheads(that i can't seem to stop popping, only the ones that are ready, i also clean my face and hand before/after). I've been for about a month using jojoba oil with the acne.org moisturizer i also just bought new bottle of BP and AHA( to help with my scars) -me sad- i'm also using Vitamin D-3 1000 IU, 1 pill per day as instructed.
  7. END of 5th week so over the last few weeks i had a bunch fo break outs.. when does it get better... worst of all when i ran out of cleanser, i started using the Neutrogena oil-free acne wash and my face went from 1-2 small pimple a day to a war. can't wait till my acne.org stuff arives... this is driving me nuts.
  8. second week-ish well last week was pretty horrible, i broke out all over my face(cheeks, forehead, chin), i'm starting to look like i have a sunburn all over my face except my eye so it's probably the BP, i'm thinking of using less until my skin adjust, I'm also experiencing flakiness(doesn't bother me much) should i be concern and get like jojoba oil? But recently i been waking up with no pimple or very tiny ones yeyyy and my acne scars are fading away. I got into the habit of
  9. I'm 17 and i had a huge breakout a month ago, i always had pimples here and there, maybe because i started using the neutrogena face wash and that reacted with my skin.. i was really bumbed out but when i found this online and saw so many good reviews about it, so i decided to risk the chance and buy this.. after one week, i've notice some flaking as mentioned in this forum BUT that didn't really bother me much because my acne had reduced about 50%(oily skin) yeyyyyy. So some people said that in