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  2. This is the weirdest comment you'll ever receive but I have 4 of those on my face all in one area!! I don't have no ice in my house but would it be weird if I got something from the freezer and wrapped it up and out it on them??
  3. It's nodular and without some sort of intervention (cortisone shot, needle) it will take a VERY long time to go away. Thanks but I'm pretty sure it's not that, where would I go to get an insigen made anyway? Just my GP? Thankyou
  4. At the moment I have 3 very large cystic spots on my cheek however they don't hurt, the only thing is they have turned harder, I've been using duac for about 4 weeks now and have noticed. Major difference as my acne was MUCH WORSE but these large ones don't seem to be going and are quite hard to touch! I have no idea what that means! I feel I should still carry on using duac as so far it's helped me a lot
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    Get out of my life acne :(
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    3rd day of using duac nightly, seen a bug difference spots don't hurt reduced in size bug time redness almost gone, almost smooth to touch
  7. Hey there, trust me I know exactly how you feel ,I've been suffering from acne on and off since I was 12 years old and I've headed all the nasty comments in the book right now I've got it again in a patch on my cheek yet it's so red and sore and looks very puss filed so even more hard to cover with makeup go for it! Go in the regimen and use your BP if its helped you before sometimes are body's go crazy and just breakout and need abit of treatment and it'll go back to normal I also have a few
  8. Well...what have you done so far to fight acne? Well...I've been prescribed duac today, so ill be starting to use that I feel we'll I go out people are staring at my acne and putting in makeup to cover it is so time consuming but girls with clear skin pack on the makeup so much it looks like they've got worse skin to be honest. I guess it's really about how confident you are inside. I need to get in my head that everyone skin is NOT perfect we all have flaws and some are just more visible the
  9. Hey Tracey!! Ahh I totally get you, I'm still waiting for my Quinodrm treatment to come and hopefully my GP will put me on mino again even though I HATE taking antibiotics I feel like they fix one things and add another problem in the long run, also I found out even if your on them for a week, it takes up to 2years for them to leave your body! Insane! To be honest I'd still take them if my GP precribes them lol. Acne scars I know what u mean annoying! It horrid having them and plus leave a they
  10. No I haven't tried this actually I might just try that now, have u tried it before?
  11. They are too Painful to even touch so I'm not going there, I'm going to come of the tea tree oil! I'm seeing my GP Wednesday so ill defo asked to be put back on anti and I'm receiving quinoderm soon which worked wonders for me! No way am gonna touch them, it's only that patch if skin so I can't let it go anywhere else! Thanks for that x
  12. Thankyou so much!!! I used to take mino too and it worked well for me so I'm defo going to let my GP know I have an appointment on Wednesday so ill mention it!! I agree when my skin cleared up I thought finally clear skin!!! So to even harder when it comes back . I haven't tried accutane actually thank to God my acne isn't very sever its on my left cheek in just one patch no where else, it's really confusing God knows what's going on... If accutane is the next step for you I say go for it!! W
  13. I can feel your pain for sure currently I'm not on anything I'm going to be on quinoderm cream soon and maybe some antibiotics, ill take anything really. I know it must be really hard for you and I know coz it's just as hard for me but the only thing we can do really is to know that there are much bigger things in life then us worrying about our acne, some people suffer so so so bad and end up in depression. I don't know who you are but I can't let you go on that road. Your obviously a great pe
  14. I have about 5 large cysts under the skin on my cheek. Just large red painful bumps under the skin. Today I woke up to notice the cysts have got the small white/yellow head on top of them. I'm not sure what that means, does it mean all the bacteria is on its way out or does it mean its getting more sore or worse? If anyone knows definitely let me know Thanksss
  15. Totally understand I've stopped going out because I don't feel like putting on makeup, I only go out when I really have to but other times I stay at home. I deleted all the pictures of myself without acne coz its just a constant reminder of how bad it looks now. I can't even stand too close to anyone coz I feel they are looking at my acne not even concentrating on what I have to say it's so so hard and I've got to the point where I've bad enough of everything :'(