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  1. Week 5 Day 3: I had an appointment with my dermatologist a couple days ago and they have now upped my dosage from 40mg to 65mg which is great!!! Hopefully this will kick away my back acne. All is well right now, no new side effects and i'm loving the medication so far. GO ROACCUTANE!
  2. Week 4 Day 6: So it's been a long time since I have added a entry here as not much has changed. So heres my current status. Pretty much all of my acne has completely disappeared on my face and neck. Its absolutely amazing to wake up and find no new spots appeared. I am still getting a fry face and lips but I am coping with it by applying moisturiser and Burt's Bees lip-balm. I am still getting acne on my back which is annoying but i've still got 3 months of the treatment to get rid of them.
  3. Yes! Acne Peep Yes this is my first course of Roaccutane. I keep losing count of days, just take the pills and forget about it Ha! I'm so glad i'm a boy Happy B'day for next week.
  4. Hey there! My first week I had no side effects which was really odd, but at day 10 it hit me Its great to see someone else on Roaccutane around the same time as me! Also try not to think too much about the Roaccutane, I understand it is a long process. Keep it up!
  5. Day Eleven: Its been over a week and I have now noticed some side effects of the Roacutane. Ive got really dry and very flakey skin around my mouth. I woke up this morning with an ultra dry mouth, It was so strange! I typically moisturise in the morning and evening but ive had to apply again and again because of the dryness. Also my lips are crazy dry which hurts most of the time, I'm using E45's lip balm but its not helping. I will try another branded lip balm soon. Other than that I've
  6. This will be posted on my Roaccutane log: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/328745-dans-roaccutane-log-male-18-uk
  7. Day Three: Here are some pictures I took today of my ance. Horrid I know! Also no difference in my ance & mood. No side effects.
  8. Hey ya acne peep!!!!! Yay a UK'er! It took 4 weeks for the Derm appointment from the GP. Wow 3 months is a long time! That does sound confusing, after my first visit to the Derm I received a letter in the post a week later with my next appoint which was 5 weeks after my first Derm appointment. I would recommend to contact the hospital and ask if a appoint has been set up. And yes it is under the NHS. Thanks for the kind support Cheers!! Hello, I have had a very very long time to research
  9. Hey there acne peeps! So I've finally got my hands on the glorious Roaccutane pills yesterday and so I have decided to log my progress here. Detailing any changes to my mood, acne, side effects and tips while on Roaccutane. Follow me on my journey to fight acne. About Me So hello! My name is Dan, I'm 18 years old and live in the South West of United Kingdom. I currently work as a waiter in a local restaurant. My Acne Life Ive had acne since I was about 10, so its been about 8 years of con
  10. Great, thanks for the advice. I have tried not using moisturiser for a couple days now and my face is getting flakey. It's almost like I have to use the moisturiser.
  11. Hey Folks, I have just registered to this site which seems amazing. I hope to encounter my very bad acne, oily/greasy skin & acne scaring. My name is Dan, Male, 18 from the UK. I was wondering what moisturiser I should use on a daily basis. I get greasy/oily skin after 2-3 hours after washing my face. I have to wash my face frequently because of this. Right now I am using Skinfood Moistureiser - http://www.amazon.co...58083008&sr=8-2 I don't think this is helping me with my acne