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  1. krsone

    Before & After Pics 2013

    Before the acne.org regimine, and the results after I successfully established my routine.
  2. Yes, I am using the products from acne.org. The face wash, benzoyl peroxide, moisturizer (although I'm experimenting w/ others), and the glycolic acid. The current moisturizer I am experimenting with in place of the acne.org moisturizer is the Simple replenishing rich moisturizer. Also, what I do w/ the glycolic acid lotion is I mix half-and-half with my moisturizer at night & also add the Acne.org jojoba oil. In my opinion, glycolic acid is much better than salicylic acid. Yes, I am usin
  3. I can have a bad sense of time sometimes, but ever since around late last year (2014), there seems to be a change in the glycolic acid lotion. It used to be thicker and creamer, but now it's liquidy and it just POURS out of the tube. There's also these little granules in the formula that weren't there in the old formula. I thought I got a bad batch so I recently ordered some more (within the last week) and it STILL is the liquidy, granuley formula. What happened?? I have been using it since abou
  4. Just make sure you are using the BP exactly like it says in the Acne.org instructions The AHA/Glycolic is really great and something my esthetician loves and recomends for acne. I've had her check out the ingredients and everything so I know it's good. One thing is it doesn't wear well under makeup. Like when you blend your foundation on your face and you have the glycolic on, it'll clump up and it's super annoying so I only put the glycolic on at night. The next morning my breakouts are always
  5. The benzoyl peroxide & AHA lotion from acne.org is the best! I'm 23 and have hormonal acne as well. Been using the acne.org regimine for about 3 years and in February I decided to stop the benzoyl peroxide to see if my acne was still a problem.. and... well it is. I've been on the birth control shot (Depo-Provera) for around 4.5 yrs, though, so maybe that's causing the acne. So I will be ordering some more BP & AHA from acne.org ASAP!! I'm also using their cleanser and moisturizer, but I
  6. Thinking of purchasing Sia Botanics skin care....