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  1. i've been rotating between BP and cortisone and its still a big red spot...but all the skin nearby has dried out.
  2. All my cysts turned into small whiteheads after applying cortisone to them for a few days. After this happens, do I treat them as whiteheads or cysts? Normally my cysts don't get heads like this and instead are inflammed red spots.
  3. I ended up going to the doctor and I got an antibiotic. I took it for 7 days along with applying cortisone on my cyst and it cleared it. I guess it was an infection?
  4. I've had a cyst on my left nostril for weeks. It's lumpy and painful to the touch. It's on the side and toward the front of my nose. Normally, since I don't really touch my nose, this wouldn't bother me and I'd just apply cortisone to it, but now I have a cold. I have the sniffles and a runny nose and it's really irritating the cyst and its extremely painful. Has anyone else encountered this with any tips for me?
  5. I have a new painful sensation when I touch my nose and it feels like a bad cyst feels. It makes my nose look red like when I have a cold but it isn't raised very high. What would you guys suggest to calm this down? I've read on this forum that Ibuprofen is supposed to be good, has anyone tried it on an under the skin nose cyst? Any other treatments? Thanks
  6. I have noticed this too! I have to get things out for cysts to get better otherwise it's half my face in a week! me too! I had a cyst around for a week and I decided to leave it alone...NExt thing I know I have 3 new ones. Since I started putting bp on them, no new ones have sprung up yet.
  7. I just put lots of BP on them till the white head part of the cyst dried up yay The cyst is still there though
  8. I was wondering what I should do when my cysts start forming into white heads. When they were cysts, I would apply hydrocortisone on it every 3 hours. Should I start doing the same with BP now?
  9. I just bought tons and tons more veggies than I usually do. I'm trying to keep a clean diet with working otu and I noticed that a lot of people don't drink milk at all and are really fit. I went to buy a lot of the veggies you guys suggested and some peanut butter and various nuts. I also bought some GNC multi vitamins with 100mg of calcium, but it seems like basically nothing. All these tips are so helpful! I've bookmarked this post for future reference
  10. i've had it too. I've been applying AHA to the back of my arms for 3 months with no improvement. I used to use a clearsil face wash w/ microbeads and SA and that seemed to help but I ran out.
  11. I'm going to try the no dairy diet for a month and see how it goes. What would you guys recommend to replace the nutrients that milk has? OJ with calcium? Soy milk?
  12. Wow it heals a lot faster w/ neosporin than usual. My red spots are fading !
  13. oh ok, but can I apply anything to it to assist in healing like neosporin or cortisone? Also for those cysts that form a hard pertruding bump, can anything be done about them?
  14. I put cortisone on the cyst every 5 hours or so to make it shrink. About 3 days later, the cyst burst and it looks like blood was coming out after one of my showers. Now I have a big red spot on my cheek and I was wondering what I can do about it?